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Fornite's guided missile returns with a few important changes

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Fortnite's controversial guided missile is making a return, but Epic made a few crucial changes to the overpowered weapon.

"When the guided missile first made its way to Battle Royale, we loved all the fun and crazy moments it provided, but after its release, we shared the same concern as the Fortnite community at large," announces Epic in the latest Battle Royale update video. " It's hard to compete against a near endless barrage of highly effective explosives."

The most important change is that guided missiles will now serve mostly as a scouting tool as opposed to the previous model that was combat-changer for any who used it.

Epic changed the weapon's effectiveness by reducing its core attributes; movement speed, turn radius, damage, and damage radius. Lastly, the ammo cap is now limited to 12 rockets, same as the default mode. You can still cause a lot of damage with 12 rockets, so I wonder if Epic shouldn't have limited it to even less rockets. Epic promises that further tweaks will be made to the guided missile depending on player feedback.

Other changes include better handling and precision for mouse and keyboard users "to bring it more in line with the controller experience."

The Battle Royale update also includes changes to SMG's with the most important being that the weapon will now only excel when used in close-quarters combat. You won't be able to deal continued damaged from a longer distance. Remote explosives also received a few tweaks; a reduction in drop count, it has to stick to a surface before it can detonate, and a reduction in blast radius.

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