Forza developer takes a stand against microtransactions and loot crates

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One of 2017's biggest controversies was no doubt the loot box and microtransactions debate - and game developers are still reeling from the fallout of that discussion. We've seen some of gamings largest distribution houses and game developer studios changing policy and some even making a 180 on games post-release.

In some cases, governments even stepped in and changed regulation when it comes to loot crates. Many game developers were forced to change policy, while others turned to player feedback and willingly made the changes.

The latest game developer to take a stand against loot crates and microtransactions is Turn 10, the team behind the Forza franchise. In a new blog post, Alan Hartman, Studio Head of Turn 10 and the man in charge of Forza games, stated that they are making significant changes when it comes to microtransactions for Forza Motorsport 7, as well as the upcoming Forza Horizon 4.

"One major area of discussion for the team has been prize crates. While we’ve never charged money for prize crates in Forza Motorsport 7, their presence in the game has continued to be a source of controversy," explains Hartman. "The overwhelming feedback has been that this system feels out of place in the game. After careful consideration, we have decided to completely remove prize crates from Forza Motorsport 7. Similarly, paid tokens – which were a part of previous Forza games – will not be coming to Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4."

Prize crates are the Forza version of loot crates, and it has been the single biggest negative for players of Motorsport 7, with one of the reasons being that some exotic cars were exclusive to these crates. Tokens are the in-game currency for Forza games (bought with real money), and players could use it to purchase cars and prize crates that gave them a shortcut to more exotic vehicles.

Hartman further explained that due to the complexity of removing the two game mechanics from Forza Motorsport 7, they will only be able to finish the process in a few months time. However, in the coming month, they will have unlocked 100 cars that were previously "exclusive" to prize crates and they will also have removed all vehicles from all prize crates.

"The current lineup of prize crates offer no competitive advantage and only offer Driver Gear suits, Mods and badges, and these crates will remain in place until crates are removed entirely," continues Hartman.

Forza Horizon 4 releases on October 02 as a Play Anywhere exclusive for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. The above changes only makes a game better that already looks spectacular.

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"The overwhelming feedback has been that this system feels out of place in the game"

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