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Fallout: Miami could be one of the best Fallout 4 mods ever made

Fallout Miami

Fallout 76 is looking awesome but a lot of people are feeling on the fence about its online mode which has seen Bethesda turn the game into an MMO-like experience basically in an attempt to clone the Fallout series into an ESO revenue stream. However, if Fallout 76 is not your cup of tea then perhaps the upcoming Fallout: Miami could be?

This Fallout 4 mod is one of the most ambitious ones I have come across and it is more than just a visual change rather an entire DLC-like chapter with a main quest, side quests, a story to back them all up, new areas to explore and enemies to kill. The mod will even have its own original soundtrack which sounds awesome so far.

In Fallout: Miami, you explore Miami, a whole new map built from the ground up as you take on missions that revolve around The Tide Riders, a gang of surfers led by a ghoul named Max Guru who "survived" the apocalypse and believes God saving him was a sign that he must begin his divine mission. 

According to the blog, the mod will have everything to set the experience apart from Fallout 4. New weapons, companions and even tough bosses to fight. You can follow the progress of the project on the blog, but also take a look at the official trailer below that looks as if it was made by Bethesda themselves. The project does not have a release date yet but it looks like it could be almost done. Well done to these guys. I cannot wait to play it. 

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