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DICE responds to the community's top questions about Battlefield V's The Company

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Earlier this month, Battlefield V's franchise design director, Daniel Berlin responded to the community's top 10 questions, and yesterday, DICE Development Director Ryan McArthur, did a Reddit AMA about The Company.

The Company is a first for the Battlefield franchise, and since its reveal in May, it has been a heated topic among fans of the series. I've already discussed both sides of the argument; that Battlefield V is a video game and cannot be historically accurate, but that DICE also cannot push that artistic license so far that it completely changes the World War II setting.

The Company is an entirely new concept for the franchise, and as such a lot of the contention comes from not knowing how this feature will work. The AMA with McArthur clears up some of those questions. 

What is The Company and how will it work in Battlefield V?

It is your personal collection of soldiers, vehicles and weapons, that you can customize to fit your personality as well as your play style. You will be able to progress and change each of these elements in The Company.

Each player's Company will have two factions; Axis and Allies, and the first two that will be available at launch are the German and British sides. When you jump into a game, and you're playing on the Axis side, then you'll load your German Company and vice versa. In World War II, the main Allied forces were; Great Britain, The United States, China, and the Soviet Union. On the Axis side, it was Germany, Japan and Italy. Each faction will have unique visual options, with clear indicators to distinguish between friend and foe.

Main forces aside, what about the smaller forces that joined like South Africa, will there be customization options for these?

"We are working on a whole variety of cosmetic items to allow players to represent all aspects for WW2," explains McArthur. "We can't yet communicate specifics, but we want to be as inclusive as possible for all elements that made up this time in history."

As you level up each soldier, you will unlock different "combat roles" for each class. "This means you won't have to make a choice which role to keep as you can change them to fit the situations you are going into," continues McArthur. You can have multiple weapons per soldier (including duplicates) and each weapon will be specialized according to player choice. The same goes for all planes and tanks - you can have duplicates, each customized according to your preferences.

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Soldiers can be customized in five different parts:

  1. Helmet
  2. Face
  3. Face Paint
  4. Jacket
  5. Pants

Weapons will have five to seven slots that can be used for visual customization. Vehicles and planes will also have different visual customization slots.

But will any of these customization options have an effect on gameplay, or is it only cosmetic? For example, what about weapon grips, barrel types and so on? The important thing to know is that any customization that affects gameplay will come from the choices a player makes in the skill tree feature.

Cosmetic customizations have nothing to do with gameplay, and you cannot unlock any of the gameplay-changing features outside of the skill tree.

Battlefield V releases worldwide on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out your South African price list as well as all the pre-order details. If you are cautious to pre-order, then you should consider becoming an EA or Origin Access subscriber.

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"we want to be as inclusive as possible for all elements that made up this time in history"

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