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World of Warcraft no longer requires you to have all the expansions to play the latest one


Battle for Azeroth will be World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion when it releases on 14 August this year. It’s always been quite a mission to get into World of Warcraft and play the latest expansion, as you previously needed to own all past expansions, either by purchasing a Battle Chest or by picking up the few you lacked.

Yes, I said previously, as World of Warcraft is dropping its expansion model. All you need to play the latest expansion now is a subscription to the game and, of course, you need to purchase the latest expansion.

Basically, you can subscribe now and play all the way up to and through the sixth expansion, Legion, at no extra cost. This news comes from multiple sites, including Polygon, which reports that the Battle Chest, which includes all the previous expansions and the base game, is no longer available at Blizzard’s online shop.

The change does appear to be permanent, but at the time of writing, Blizzard has not made an official announcement regarding the matter. World of Warcraft’s 1-month subscription price remains at 12.99 Euro which translates to R200, which is quite a good deal if you just want to experience all the pre-Battle for Azeroth content.

Legion was a great expansion and Battle for Azeroth looks really good, so good that this recovering World of Warcraft addict might just give it a go. For those who are tempted more than ever to get back into World of Warcraft, this may just be the time to do so, as this move by Blizzard could very likely also bring a lot of old veterans back into the fold.

Will you be going back to World of Warcraft and what do you think about this change? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Polygon

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