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Yet more games release at double the price on the South African PlayStation Store - Is Microsoft undercharging?

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I hate to be that person but South African gamers are facing a serious issue right now and we need to point the problem out as much as possible. Last week I touched on the crazy pricing on the PlayStation Store compared to the Xbox One marketplace, also known as the Windows Store. Games were listed at R620 more on the PlayStation Store compared to the Xbox One and it caused an uproar in the local gaming community.

RelatedSouth African PlayStation Store prices shockingly double that of Xbox Store

The thing is, two companies are involved here so either of them could be to blame. Microsoft could be listing the games at crazy low prices as if it was still 2005 or Sony could be marking up their PS4 games. Either way, something is wrong and it needs to change. The latest game to suffer from the price increase is Earthfall. 

I own the game on PC but wanted to grab it on PS4 to play with friends. Given that it is R175 on PC I thought it would be cheap on PS4, or as cheap as it is on Xbox One at R249. The game was delayed in the EU region until today so the South African PlayStation Store only went live with it this morning.

Well, it came as no surprise that the PS4 version of Earthfall is listed at R220 more than the Xbox One version and R294 more than the PC version. 

  • Earthfall (PS4) - R469
  • Earthfall (Xbox One) - R249
  • Earthfall (PC) - R175
  • Earthfall Deluxe Edition (Xbox One) - R399
  • Earthfall Deluxe Edition (PC) - R271


Keep in mind that the Deluxe Edition has not even been listed yet for PS4 but I am sure it will set you back at least R629 when it goes live. 

The problem does not end there though. Mothergunship, a recently released roguelike shooter is obviously more expensive on PS4 yet again. While the Xbox One and PC versions sell for the same price, the PS4 version comes in at double that. 

  • Mothergunship (PS4) - R399
  • Mothergunship (Xbox One) - R199
  • Mothergunship (PC) - R199


Ths strange thing here is that the US version of the game sells for $24,99 on Xbox One which converts to R320. I know we use the Pound in SA to convert digital purchases into local currency but just to show how crazy the Xbox Store is that even the US prices are higher than the South African ones. 

If you take the Pound @ R17 and the price of Earthfall at £24.99 and convert it, you get R433 which is around the right price of the PlayStation Store. Add a bit of tax here and there and you could get to R469. It makes me wonder if Microsoft is using a different exchange rate to price local games or if they are going with an older Pound-to-Rand exchange. Of course, I have emailed a few times already to find out with no response. 


What in the world is going on? I wish I knew. I have reached out to our local Xbox head and no response, and PlayStation SA just told us it is out of their control. Hopefully, by spreading the word we can get some sort of feedback. 

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