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This Nathan Fillion Uncharted fan film is the best thing you will see today

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Fans of the Uncharted series have been waiting patiently for the game to make it onto the big screen. It was first planned to be a live-action film starring older Nathan Drake but was then delayed due to it being refocused as a prequel story that shows our favourite handsome tomb raider in his younger days. 

It has always been a match made in heaven that Nathan Fillion would play Nathan Drake as they look almost identical but with the prequel happening now, it would be impossible. Nathan Fillion feels the pain and he wanted to do something about it. This something you ask? A 15-minute Uncharted live-action film starring the man himself shot as if he had the million dollar budget to boast too. 

Seriously, it is a pretty awesome fan film considering it has been filmed by his team and captures everything we love about the video game series into a 15-minute experience. The film is directed by Allan Ungar and is on YouTube for everyone to see. We just need the Hollywood big shots to take notice that the older Drake thing works and people love it. Maybe they will can the prequel and make something we actually want to see? 

Check out the awesome fan film below.

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