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Bioware answers questions about Anthem's customization and perk system and more


Anthem is set to release on 22 February 2019 and while we are all pretty excited for it, we still know very little about the game. Sure, the E3 demo was great to watch but you know scripted these things can be? As the weeks go by, we are continuing to learn more about the game and its systems. Executive Producer, Mark Darrah and Game Director Jonathan Warner went to Twitter over the weekend to answer some fan questions.

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To sum it up, we learnt a bit about the game's progressions system, and how players will be able to customize their Javelin. Fans opened up about their questions regarding matchmaking too and this is everything we can gather from the responses from the Anthem devs. 

Pre-order bonuses will be shareable across the PS4 and Xbox game sharing feature. Weather effects and time of day will be controlled by the servers meaning they will be different depending on the server you are on. The same goes for public events and real-time scenarios. Only up to 3 other players will be visible in the same server instance as you even if you are not friends and do not have them invited to your game session. These other players could be in their own team or even playing solo so you can invite them or privately ask to join their missions. They will be physically present in the game meaning you can see them and start a conversation.

The difficulty system is still a mystery but the devs will touch on it more soon. It seems players will be able to join higher Elder Game content to a specific point, depending on the level they are on and the difference between them and the content available. Players need to return back to base to unlock new perks for their Javelins. Javelins will have a deep sense of customization as Bioware has focused a lot of efforts on this. (possible in-game purchases) You can still overheat the Storm Javelin even though it does not have a jetpack. 

So there you have it. If you were wondering about any of these features at least you now know. The more I hear about this game the more it sounds like Destiny and if you have played the game before you will agree with me. Regardless of how cool this looks, it is still EA and I am still concerned. 

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