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Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy collide in August for an awesome event

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A while back Capcom teased a possible Final Fantasy crossover event in Monster Hunter: World but we did not see much about it until now. Gotta say that it looks like the most epic one to date as it will be bringing with it the infamous creature, the Behemoth. 

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Capcom released a cool trailer showcasing the upcoming event with a sneak peek at the Behemoth himself reigning down fire upon the ground. The trailer also showcases Kulu-Ya-Ku grow after touching the famous Final Fantasy XIV crystal. There is also a Moogle and a Poogie dressed in a Behemoth outfit. We even get a glimpse of a swarm of Cactuar. Sounds like the perfect event with a lot of Final Fantasy XIV inspiration taking over the Monster Hunter: World game. 

Of course, it would not be a Monster Hunter: World event without a monster to hunt and the Behemoth seems to be the fierce beast we will be facing. It also seems like the materials we claim from slaying the monster will be used to make the famous Dragoon armour set as appearing in the trailer. There is also a Dragoon Lance which is another iconic weapon from the Final Fantasy series.

Last but not least was an official launch date for the said event and it will be going live on 2 August 2018 as a free update for all players. The event will go live at 04:00 am SA time on 2 August 2018. We are not sure if the event is timed like past ones as of yet. We also have the PC release of the game taking place on 9 August 2018 but it is not clear yet if the event will be available for PC users at launch. Most likely not given that these events are mainly end-game activities. 

Check out the trailer below.

Will you be slaying the Behemoth? Let us know in the comments below. 

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