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Steam rolls out improvements for the 'upcoming' games tab

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Yesterday, Steam released a few updates for the "upcoming" tab that aim to make the interface a bit more personal for users. The tweaks all centre around the way Steam displays upcoming games to its different users.

Previously, the "Upcoming Games" showed a complete list of all games that would release on Steam in the near future; a chronological list. Steam realized that its users were not using the feature because as you know, too many games release on Steam every week, so it was a case of being flooded with information you didn't want to know.

"Therefore, as of today the Upcoming tab will be a smarter, more tailored list called Popular Upcoming," announces Steam. "This list will take into account the pre-release interest in a game -- that is to say, data we gather through wishlists, pre-purchase, and a developer's or publisher's past titles. We believe Steam does a good job of taking early customer interest (even if that interest isn't enormous) and helps a game amplify that interest through connection to quality customers.

This smarter list on the front page aims to do just that.


To make things even more specific for users who want to see an expansion of the "Popular Upcoming" titles, Steam also added a dedicated Upcoming Releases page. You are taken to this page when you click on "see more Upcoming Releases."

This page is also tailored according to user information based on interests previously shown. If you follow a developer, then their upcoming games will also feature on this list, as well as all the titles currently in your wish list.

"Conversely, we won't be populating this page with things you've willfully said you're not interested in or with DLC for games you don't own," continues Steam. "We think these changes are going to help connect you towards games you're excited about and make browsing all the new games coming to Steam a more enjoyable and productive experience."

If you don't want Steam to tailor the "Upcoming" tab, then you can choose the "unfiltered" viewing option. For me, the "Recommended based on what you've been playing" completely misses the mark. Of the 25 games listed, I will only play three.

We would love to hear feedback from other Steam users about the changes. Do you see it as an improvement, or is it still a feature you don't use?

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"the Upcoming tab will be a smarter, more tailored list called Popular Upcoming"

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