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What is your video game spirit animal?

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You’ve probably been asked what type of animal you would be if you had to choose one, or you might have been asked what your spirit animal is in the past. It’s sometimes a fun game to play with your friends and discuss at length, which got me thinking about what type of spirit animals could be specific to types of gamers.

There are just so many animal types that fit perfectly with specific personality types of gamers out there, so in the spirit of a fun discussion, I’ve got seven examples to share with you. Keep in mind that this is only a few examples and that there are tonnes more to choose from if you decide to participate, so to get those creative juices flowing, check out my seven examples below.

Grumpy Cat

We all know and love Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation, but for some gamers, I think Grumpy Cat can be the perfect spirit animal. If you are someone who loves to sleep a lot, but still wake up cranky and head into a game with a grumpy attitude, this is the spirit animal for you.

Those who have Grumpy Cat as their spirit animal can and will perform well in games, using their cat-like reflexes to destroy their opponents, but they might not find a lot of joy from their gaming endeavours. It's a tough life, but someone has to sleep through it.

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Downward Dog

Dogs are arguably the most loyal animals out there and they will stick to their owner no matter what. In gaming terms, some gamers are loyal to a fault to their specific gaming platform of choice or even a specific brand of graphics card. That’s where the downward dog comes in and I think that these types of gamers might need some yoga to relax and let things go.

Their choice of platform is so vigilantly defended that one can only imagine that they keep digging themselves a hole instead of just realizing that we are all, in the end, gamers. However, loyalty doesn’t have to be a bad thing and for those, a regular dog might be the perfect spirit animal, where players are loyal to their teams or even try to make the community of a specific game better by being helpful.


The Dolphin

Everyone loves this majestic sea mammal and who can blame them? Dolphins are intelligent, helpful and work well as a team. That’s exactly how the best type of gamers is in my opinion, as they help others in need, for example, teaching those newbies how to play without getting upset.

If a dolphin is your spirit animal, then you learn from your mistakes, make intelligent choices in a multiplayer match and work with others to overcome obstacles. Unfortunately, dolphins are quite rare in the gaming world, but just like the actual animal, when you find one, you will want to stare at them and maybe even take some photos.


The Southern Fiscal

The “laksman”, “jackie hangman” or “butcher bird”, those are some of the names the Southern Fiscal is known as. I’ve seen several of them in my area and it is one of the most disturbing birds out there for me, because of the fact that it eats the young of other birds and even hangs them up, impaling them on a sharp object for later consumption.

I’ve seen this in action and the first thing I thought about was how this relates to some gamers who prey on and feed off the tears of newbies. These types of gamers can be found griefing others and taking enjoyment from doing so, over and over again. It is what they want to do most of all and at times, it almost seems as if they find nourishment in the tears of newcomers.


The Mole

Truth be told, if you asked me what my video game spirit animal was about 10 years ago, I would have instantly gone with the mole. It is the perfect spirit animal for those who think the sun is a myth foretold to scare the young. Moles only come out at night and that can definitely relate to those who play games throughout the night and sleep the day away.

That’s what I did for a very long time and in some ways, I got blinded to the outside world. It’s a lifestyle that, honestly, isn’t very healthy, but we’ve all had those times where you dig yourself into a game so much that you tend to live in the world for a period of time.


The Wolf of Team Street

The pack is what makes a wolf such a dangerous animal and when you put this into gaming terms, there are gamers who simply move out of their comfort zone when they are in a team. These players are normally quiet with an average performance but become ferocious when playing with a group of friends, crushing their enemies with great teamwork.

The dark side of the wolf is that they can also become rabid when defending their game of choice, for example, Fortnite versus PUBG debates we always see around the internet. In a pack, they can devour anyone who dares challenge their pack’s beliefs about any aspect of gaming.


The Crow

Just like the bird, some gamers are attracted to shiny objects above anything else. These gamers might spend large amounts of money on cosmetic items, while not even playing the game in question that much at all. For the crow, it’s all about the bling and they will swoop in on any great deals to bolster their ever-growing stash.

These gamers sometimes search for cosmetic item deals in packs and boast about their treasure trove, while feeling a sense of superiority over those who don’t have the shiniest of items.  


These where seven examples of possible types of video game spirit animals gamers could have and we would like to hear which spirit animals you think would be perfect for you, or someone you might know.

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"the sun is a myth foretold to scare the young"

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