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Battlefield V closed alpha details seemed to have leaked online

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Battlefield V controversies keep on piling up; first it was the inclusion of female soldiers in a game based on World War II, then the customization features, then Origin listed the wrong minimum PC requirements, which EA later removed, and now the official Twitter account for EA Help seemed to have leaked details of an upcoming alpha, and fans are not happy.

A few days ago, one "Dom" asked EA Help on Twitter if they knew when the Battlefield beta would go live. EA Help replied: "Hi there, there will be a Closed Alpha for Battlefield V. We have more to share later this month but we can confirm it will be PC-only and across selected territories." The tweet has since been deleted, with EA not denying or confirming any of the details.

However, things escalated when EA Principal Software Engineer, Jim Hejl, got dragged into the discussion. Fans were upset over the PC-only and region-specific details, and they turned to Hejl to clarify the situation.

Hejl replied that he didn't have any details pertaining to the closed alpha, but also responded with "Here’s what EA has said about it:" Then he included the EA Help tweet.

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He further confirmed that there will be a Battlefield V alpha, but backed out of the conversation by saying that he only works on "content."

"I’m just the content part. I don’t know anything about the alpha & was getting killed with questions. I’m gonna let DICE respond; THEN do the Content Contest. Too much confusion!"

He left the conversation with these two important points: "Real simple: There are 2 things going on. 1. Content creation initiative 2. Closed alpha"

So yes, it does seem likely that a closed alpha is on the way for Battlefield V. It would make sense for EA DICE to launch the first testing phase on a platform they have full control over, namely Origin. There is a lot of red tape involved with releasing a testing phase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It's not impossible and has been done many times but for this first phase, I can understand why EA would opt for a PC-only closed alpha. That being said, the Battlefield series has millions of console players, and I also do understand why they would feel upset about the announcement. A closed beta will very likely follow as soon as possible.

Until EA officially releases details about a PC-only closed alpha, everything remains speculation.

Battlefield V releases worldwide on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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"we can confirm it will be PC-only and across selected territories"

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