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Five things you probably didn't know about Ghost of Tsushima

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At Sony’s E3 Press Conference, we got to see the first ever gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima and for me, it suddenly became my most anticipated upcoming PS4 exclusive. Yes, even more so than The Last of Us Part II.

Developer Sucker Punch is creating something so special, so unique and so exceedingly awesome that everyone should take notice of Ghost of Tsushima and anxiously await the game’s release, even though we don’t even know when it will be releasing yet.

The gameplay was awesome, yes, but if you just took a look at the video and read the game’s official description, then there are several things you won’t know about. With that in mind, let’s discuss the awesome five things some gamers probably didn’t know about Ghost of Tsushima.

The Ghost of Tsushima

We know that the game’s protagonist is Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai warrior and that the game takes place during the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274, but that Sucker Punch will be telling an original story in this world. Here’s the most interesting part - The game’s title refers to Jin and that is what the Mongol invaders call him.

Jin is that one man they simply can’t kill and continues to slip through their fingers. During the game, the Mongol invaders will start to tell stories about him as his mythology gets built up. Basically, you will hear people talk about you (the Ghost of Tsushima) as you progress and you build your legacy. 


Multiple difficulty levels

After watching the gameplay reveal, many fans might be thinking that this is some kind of Souls-like game and from the combat shown, I can’t blame them. That was my first reaction as well, but as it turns out Ghost of Tsushima won’t be quite a Souls-like experience.

There will be multiple difficulty levels to accommodate all types of players, from the “tourists” to the hardcore who want to get wrecked. For the latter group of players, Sucker Punch’s co-founder Chris Zimmerman said:

We will wreck you if that’s what you want. At the same point, if you’re playing to be a tourist, you still need to feel like you’re challenged, you don’t just want a cakewalk. The game needs to scale down to provide the right challenge, but still make your choices feel meaningful.

If you can just cakewalk through every fight, then the parts where Jin is sneaking around don’t make sense anymore. Why would I do that? No matter who you are as a player, if your experience doesn’t match Jin’s, the story won’t land. There does need to be challenge for everyone, but what that’s going to mean is going to depend on who you are as a player.

That’s a great way to look at difficulty levels in a game and it makes a lot of sense to me. It remains to be seen if the game will also have something like a New Game+ mode, but that would just be the icing on the cake for those who want to continue to live in the world and challenge themselves even more.    


The Sideshow

Since we only saw one piece of gameplay, this point might leave some fans confused. Before we get to why the game will have side missions of the utmost quality, watch the gameplay video again, I know you want to anyway.

Done? Okay, well that was just a side mission. I’ve always loved when games go out of there way to deliver unique and interesting side activities and quests instead of just “collect 20 boar skins” and if this side mission is anything to go by, there is no doubt that Ghost of Tsushima will take side activities to the next level.


There has been a lot of talk about authenticity in video games recently, specifically about games not being historically accurate to the area they take place in. Ghost of Tsushima won’t be one of those games, as the developers are doing so much to make the game feel authentic and they want it to be kind of like a time machine that transports you back to the era.

The developers worked with cultural guides and even Kendo experts to create this experience, but that’s not all. Sucker Punch also sent an audio scout to Japan to record multiple sounds, including native birdsong, all to create an accurate representation of the era and the island of Tsushima.

For those who don’t mind reading subtitles and want an even more authentic experience, there will be a Japanese-language option with English subtitles. That’s the way I plan on playing the game, as it will no doubt deliver the best possible immersive experience.


A mammoth undertaking

Sucker Punch’s games like Infamous Second Son were quite big, not the biggest we’ve ever seen, but there was a decent amount of content in the main story and the environment quite big as well.

That’s nothing compared to Ghost of Tsushima apparently, as Zimmerman explains that:

“There’s going to be a main storyline in the game, and it’s much bigger than the games we’ve done in the past. If you’re trying to say, ‘is this going to be like Infamous?’ Kind of, but a lot bigger.”

From the final scene in the demo, you could see the Mongol army in the background. The duel wasn’t an enclosed scene but inside the open world environment. From the gameplay trailer, the game’s world does look massive and the developer said that they wanted the player to get lost on the island of Tsushima.    


So, there you have it, five things that I think many probably didn’t know about the game. Everything about Ghost of Tsushima sounds fantastic and we simply can’t wait to get our hands on the game.

How excited are you for Ghost of Tsushima? Let us know in the comment section below.

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"We will wreck you if that’s what you want"

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