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Your first look at the World War Z game in action


Although I don’t think the World War Z movie with Brad Pitt was that good, the World War Z game is still very intriguing. Instead of just slow-moving zombies, the movie (and the game) features faster and stronger undead and that gets the old ticker pumping a lot of blood.

If you liked the World War Z movie, then you will absolutely love the first gameplay footage coming out of E3 and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a pyramid of undead? The first gameplay shows the game in action with a lot of zombie killing and most importantly of all, a zombie pyramid or two.

When the game releases, it will have three initial episodes, telling the story of a unique group of survivors (4 characters) in each episode. That means there will be 12 characters and their stories to experience. The game will, of course, be a co-op multiplayer title and from the first gameplay, it looks like a lot of fun. Players will travel to Moscow, Jerusalem and New York for the game’s three episodes and face countless zombie hordes in the process.

The gameplay showcases the use of a variety of weapons and players will also be able to use the environment strategically, use traps or barriers all in their effort to stay alive. Developer Saber Interactive notes in the video that what separates World War Z from other co-op zombie survival games like Left for Dead is that players will be dealing with a massive number of zombies, so you will be facing, for example, 500 at a time.

The game also uses a third-person perspective instead of a first-person perspective. You will be able to scavenge for supplies, build up defences and more. However, resources will be scarce so you will have to think on your feet and make every last piece of equipment count. The game also features a massive number of weapons divided into three categories to use for your undead slaying escapades.

Check out the first gameplay video below and then tell us if you are a fan of World War Z and what you think about the game so far.

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