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New Battlefield 5 multiplayer mode teased along with individual progression trees

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Battlefield 5 is looking very cool and as the days go by leading up to E3 2018 we are learning more and more about DICE's upcoming shooter. We know that it will feature two types of currencies and there is drama around the female leads in the game, but what about the progression tree? Well, we have just learnt that Battlefield 5 will introduce a brand new multiplayer mode called Airborne. 

According to the Battlefield Twitter page, Airborne will see players parachute into the battlefield where they will work together in their squads and teams to destroy enemy artillery or defend theirs from enemy attacks from above. 

While the new mode was revealed with very little detail, this is not to be confused with the rumoured battle royale mode as this seems to be a dedicated air combat PvP mode. Yes, I know battle royale games see you drop from the air in a parachute but there is a big difference between the two here. 

Battlefield 5 will, however, include an additional multi-round Grand Operations mode called Last Stand where players will no longer respawn rather they will die and the last player left on the battlefield will be the winner. Sort of like sudden death. 

The last bit of new information comes from yet another tweet from the Battlefield V account. According to the social media update, the game will have "individual progression trees and specialized Archetypes so you can pick the right squad to complete the mission".

EA will be hosting its EA Play even on Sunday next week right before E3 kicks off so we will get our hands on the game then. We will bring you all the info as we can. Battlefield V is due for release on 19 October 2018. 

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