Microsoft says Crackdown 3 has not been cancelled after recent rumours

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Crackdown 3 is one of only three Xbox One exclusives that were set to release in 2018 (in stark contrast to the PlayStation 4 with one blockbuster exclusive after the other). State of Decay 2 released last month, and much to our dismay, most of the time it played more like an early access game than a finished product. The highly anticipated Sea of Thieves release also didn't go as planned. Much, therefore, rests on the shoulders of Crackdown 3, and after recent rumours surfaced that the game will once again get another delay, Microsoft was quick to jump in to quash said rumours.

The rumours originated after Amazon Spain suddenly closed down and cancelled all pre-orders for Crackdown 3. Initially, there was no official news from Microsoft or from one of the developers, Sumo and Reagent Games, but then Aaron Greenberg, head of Microsoft's Games Marketing division stepped in to (kind of) clarify the situation.

Greenberg replied via Twitter to a question from someone who asked about the pre-order cancellations. "The team continues to work hard on the game for our fans, you should contact Amazon directly for any questions related to orders with them," explains Greenberg. "Team also confirmed this was due to a technical issue on Amazon side and is being addressed. Hope that helps!"

But here's the thing. When have we last heard any news from Microsoft or the Crackdown 3 development teams about the game? The last news we reported was when Microsoft announced that Crackdown 3 would not release alongside the launch of the Xbox One X, but was delayed to sometime in 2018. We did see some gameplay, (and a lot of Terry Crews) during the Xbox press conference at E3 last year, but really, it wasn't enough to capture our curiosity or anticipation.

So, Xbox has been strangely quiet about the game that is supposed to be their biggest hit for this year, not to mention that it will be the first game Xbox One X owners will play that will make full use of the console's powerful hardware. The rumours that Crackdown 3 has again been delayed might be untrue, but it highlights the lack of hype and news about the game.

Hopefully, Crackdown 3 is one of the games Xbox will showcase at this year's E3 as they promised the "Biggest E3 Showing Ever" for 2018's event. Personally, I am not that interested in Crackdown 3, what I am more curious about is the promise of a "fantastic lineup of new games to be announced at E3."

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"The team continues to work hard on the game for our fans"

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