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New Battlefield V concept art shows off North Africa and Norway

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One of the first things Trevor Noah asked the DICE representatives during the Battlefield V reveal last week, was how they are going to make their World War II game different than those already on the market. Female representation and character customization controversies aside, DICE's focus will be on taking the player to "unexpected locations" that haven't been prominent in other World War II games, including the franchise's first one, Battlefield 1942.

"Instead of revisiting the locations of Battlefield 1942, we decided to explore other places, telling stories of the war that may be unfamiliar to players," explains DICE creative director, Lars Gustavsson. "In Battlefield V multiplayer, engagements take place in fields and swamps, on bridges and canals, and among the rubble of devastated cities. Wherever you choose to battle, you’ll do so in locations that were pivotal, though somewhat forgotten over time."

Two of these places will be North Africa, and Norway as shown in the above images released on the official Battlefield Twitter account. "You might think you've seen World War 2, but there are more battlefields than you might know. Norway? North Africa? This is World War 2 as you've never seen it in gaming." All three images link back to concept art posted on the Battlefield V website.

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North Africa played an important role in World War II for the Allies as the African military campaigns were used to prevent Axis forces from cutting Britain off from accessing oil and other resources from Africa and Asia. The North African campaign focused on three fronts;  the Western Desert campaign (western Egypt and eastern Libya); Operation Torch (Algeria and Morocco); and the Tunisia campaign. Allied forces celebrated a great victory with these campaigns and effectively removed the Axis threat to the British Commonwealth resources, as well as opening a new line of attack into the Italian mainland.

Norway is listed as one of the more "exotic" locations in Battlefield V with its snowy mountains and beautiful vistas. We know that one of Battlefield V's War Stories will be about a young Norwegian resistance fighter during the German occupation.

"The story is told not in the grand scheme of saving the world, but from a more intimate perspective: saving your loved ones," continues Gustavsson. "For each story we want to find a new angle, a new palette, and new gameplay to ensure that you’ll never know what’s around the corner."

On the subject of maps, DICE has already confirmed some of the multiplayer maps, let's recap those; North Africa, Norway, Rotterdam, and France. In the video below, JackFrags takes us through some of the history relating to these countries and offers suggestions to the battles we'll be playing in Battlefield V. Based on some of the concept art released he also makes a few speculations about which conflicts DICE will include in the game.

Battlefield V releases worldwide on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out your South African price list as well as all the pre-order details, and don't forget that you can grab two Battlefield expansions for free right now and keep them forever on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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"This is World War 2 as you've never seen it in gaming"

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