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Play 9 Steam games for free right now until May 28

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The Steam Spring Cleanup event kicked off a few days ago, and to celebrate the event, you can play nine games for free until May 28. The purpose of the event is to remind Steam users, (who are notoriously famous for having massive Steam libraries filled with games we've never touched, or played a few minutes, or for whatever reason, these backlogs can easily include hundreds of games), to well, play their purchased games.

"With so many wonderful games out there it’s easy to have a backlog of titles that you always intended to go play, but for whatever reason never got around to and the Steam Spring Cleaning Event is the time to change that," explains the Steam announcement. "By diving into your Steam Library and playing games that you haven’t looked at in a while (or at all), you can unlock and level up the new Spring Cleaning badge."

Play these 9 games for free right now

I guess the reason for making these games available for a limited time is to get you hooked so you'll purchase it and add to said backlog. All the games listed below are also currently available to purchase at massive discounts (to see the price of each read: South African Gaming Deals Roundup – End of May Edition). All the games also received overwhelmingly positive to very positive review scores from Steam users.

Don’t Starve Together, and adventure game that received very high praise from those Steam users who actually played, as opposed to you, who have it sitting in your backlog. Dead by Daylight, a survival-horror tile that received mostly positive Steam reviews. Cities: Skylines, a city-building simulator, Tyranny, a role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. The highly acclaimed Borderlands 2 that collected over 81 000 "Overwhelmingly Positive" reviews. Castle Crashers, a Beat 'em up, role-playing, action game. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that is simply a must-play, the classic zombie-survival Left 4 Dead 2, and lastly, Dirt 4.

You simply search for each title on the Steam Store page and press play in the section provided.With the limited time left to download, I would suggest you play Borderlands 2 or Shadow of Mordor.

While we're talking about what's hiding in your Steam library, let's hear some confessions. How many games have you not played past say the first few hours? Mine is sitting at about 30 games.

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