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The International 2018's prize pool reaches the $10 million milestone in record time

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On 9 May, Valve unleashed The International 2018’s Battle Pass on the Dota 2 masses and it is, in my opinion, the best Battle Pass yet, with so many awesome new additions. One of the things that make the Battle Pass so great is not only what players get from it, but that it is a type of crowdfunding to build up a massive prize pool for The International 2018 and this year, the tournament is already smashing records.

In the early hours of this morning, the tournament prize pool already skyrocketed past the $10,000,000 mark (R127,790,000 at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate) and is the fastest growing The International prize pool yet, reaching such a massive prize pool in 12 days.

Keep in mind that only 25% of the proceeds from the Battle Pass goes into the prize pool, while Valve pockets the other 75% and that with 25%, the tournament has already hit this prize pool milestone. It is still early days for the Battle Pass as the battle royale-like game mode, The Underhollow, isn’t even out yet. Only the first Immortal Treasure is available and we haven’t even seen a special bundle deal for the Battle Pass yet, which means there are still many growth spikes coming and every minute, the prize pool grows.

After 12 days, last year’s prize pool sat at $9.2 million, while in 2016 it was $8.4 million and 2015 it was $7.8 million. That means The International 2018’s prize pool is a whole $800,000 ahead of last year. Check out the comparison graph from Dota 2 Prize Tracker below:

Prize pool graf.jpg

I, for one, believe that The International 2018 will reach that glorious $30,000,000 mark and there is no doubt in my mind that it will break last year’s prize pool, setting a new record for esports tournaments. Keep in mind that Battle Pass owners will get rewarded this year with 10,000 Battle Points if the prize pool surpasses last year's earth-shattering $24,787,916 and if it reaches $30,000,000 then they will get another 10,000 Battle Points. If anything, that’s another reason to celebrate the unprecedented growth.

What do you think about The International 2018’s prize pool growth and do you think it will hit that magical $30 million mark? Let us know in the comment section below.

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