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SingSing receives death threats due to his decision to stop streaming Dota 2


When a big Dota 2 tournament is underway, some fans would watch it on the official stream while others would go to SingSing’s stream. I, for one, preferred SingSing’s over some tournaments’ official streams, especially when I don’t like a particular caster or when the official stream starts to lag out due to the number of people watching. It has been an absolute joy to watch the streams of WehSing "SingSing" Yuen.

For those who don’t know, he is an ex-professional player and his deep knowledge of the game and the players shine through in his streams, not to mention his sense of humour and accent which was just lovely. SingSing provided a service to Dota 2 fans across the globe, which is why the news that he will stop streaming Dota 2 and focus on other things (for example Fortnite) didn’t go down well with some fans.

Yes, SingSing actually received death threats due to his decision to stop streaming Dota 2 and it is absolutely disgusting for fans to stoop to that level. Sure, we will miss his awesome Dota 2 streams on Twitch, but threatening his life is beyond reason and simply cannot be justified in the slightest.

This news comes from a recent stream (as reported on Reddit) with some Cloud9 players in Fornite, where SingSing told his teammates he received death threats and that he won’t even be attending The International 2018 because of it. SingSing clearly isn’t taking the death threats lightly and rightly so, as you never know how crazy fans can actually get.

It is unfortunate that some fans would even do such a thing to anyone and it is, in my opinion, just another example of how toxic some members of the Dota 2 community can be.

What do you think about this incident and have you watched some SingSing streams in the past? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit

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