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Trevor Noah to host Battlefield V reveal next week - New information and world reveal details

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Last week, the BFEE Discord detectives finally cracked one of the biggest Easter Eggs in Battlefield history, with one of the secrets uncovered the reveal date of the next Battlefield game, May 23. We also now have confirmation that none other than South Africa's golden boy of comedy, and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, will be the presenter during the live stream reveal of Battlefield V.

Battlefield V World Reveal

Noah made the announcement last night on his Twitter account: "The rumors are true (rumors that I started, but still...) I will be hosting the @Battlefield Live Reveal on Wed, May 23rd. Catch it streaming live on the #Battlefield YouTube. V EXCITING!"

The tweet is accompanied by a very interesting clip, in which Noah states that before he is a stand-up comedian, producer, host, or writer, he is a gamer. Bet you didn't know that. In the clip, we see him visiting that unlocked door in Battlefield 1's Fort Vaux from the Easter Egg discovery.

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Noah ends his message with "We've got big news, you don't want to miss it." EA also now confirmed some details; the next game in the series is sadly not Bad Company 3, but simply, Battlefield V.

"Battlefield will never be the same, reads the official announcement. "On May 23, we’ll unveil your next all-out war journey. The next chapter of EA DICE’s groundbreaking all-out war saga is Battlefield™ V."

You can watch the livestream on Battlefield's YouTube channel, on, Twitch, and on Wednesday, May 23 at 1 PM PDT /4 PM EDT /10 PM CET.

Battlefield V - New Details Revealed

Ahead of the reveal, EA DICE also confirmed a few very important new details. The first one being the title, Battlefield V. It is important to note that some things will be the same as the hugely successful Battlefield 1, and others, different.

As I've predicted, War Stories will return, and we will again experience these captivating stories across "different theatres of war." The major difference from Battlefield 1 will, of course, be the new setting. It's the big announcement we've been waiting for and looking at all the confirmed information we have, a World War II setting seems the best fit. Battlefield V will definitely centre around a war, as EA confirmed that detail now with "Discover the new challenges that will change war forever."

We know that the Wednesday reveal will focus on the setting, with the DICE development team at hand to take us through "the next Battlefield [that] happens on another frontline." In attendance will be Trevor Noah as host, with the head of DICE Stockholm, Oskar Gabrielson, senior producer Andreas Morell, creative director Lars Gustavsson, and design director, Daniel Berlin. The DICE team will share their vision for Battlefield V.

Even though we'll play the single-player War Stories, the heart and soul of Battlefield is in its multiplayer, and the reveal will show us some of the "large-scale multiplayer" we can expect in Battlefield V. According to EA DICE, Battlefield V will take multiplayer "to the next level" with "more varied and exciting Battlefield moments." The DICE team will also focus on showing off some of the new environments in the game, as well as important gameplay changes.

The announcement also hinted at the return of Operations in Battlefield V with "epic journeys across several maps." There will also be an announcement about new modes coming in Battlefield V.

Lastly, it seems that Easter Egg is still very much an on-going mystery, as it got a mention in the announcement; "The recent Battlefield Easter Egg chase has turned much of the community into sleepless sleuths. Is your whiteboard covered in Morse code? Is your search history full of white horses? How close were you to the truth of Battlefield V? It’s time to find out."

Battlefield 1 was one of the most immersive and enjoyable first-person shooters I have ever played. EA DICE will have to pull out all the stops to beat that experience, and a lot hinges on the Battlefield V setting. I was hoping for Bad Company 3, but alas, it looks like we'll be returning to the battlefield of another great war.

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"We've got big news, you don't want to miss it"

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