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New Battlefield reveal date found in Battlefield 1 thanks to an easter egg

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Battlefield 1 had some of the most elaborate Easter Eggs we've ever come across in gaming. Remember that Morse code one that had us chasing headphones for months on end? Then there's the Fort Vaux Zombie mystery that fans just haven't been able to crack (it's been well over a year), until now.

A quick recap for those who don't know about the Fort Vaux Easter Egg. There's a door (marked ISOLEMENT which is French for isolation) in the Fort Vaux map (the one in the above image), that has remained locked since Battlefield's 1 first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, released in March 2017. In the underground tunnels you'll find said door, and when you linger a while you'll hear the most awful screams that sounds just like what we would associate with Zombies. And that was the end of it. No one has been able to figure out what goes on behind that door.

The ARG sleuths from the Battlefield Easter Egg Discord server finally uncovered the mystery - and what a reward - a Dog Tag and a reveal date for the next Battlefield game. Mark your calendar for 23 May, 2018.

Those who want to walk through the Easter Egg discovery themselves can watch the video below by JackFrags. He unlocks the Dog Tag "The Room." which led to the discovery of the reveal date.

You first have to break a series of "Danger" signs in sequence (it spells ISOLEMENT) that you'll find hanging on different walls around Fort Vaux. These signs all covered a switch that you can press once the sign is destroyed. The final switch is behind the sign nearest the barricaded door. Once you've pressed that switch, turn around and on the opposite wall you'll find another switch you need to press. Now stand at ISOLEMENT, and you'll hear a cell door open with keys turning in a lock, and a big door scraping open. Next you'll hear someone running away, and then the door shackles get blown apart.

Now for the next part. Head into the room and crouch next to the hole where you see the blood. You'll have to throw a grenade down that hole five times - but only when you hear the creature make a specific sound. The sound is different than its usual growling, it sounds almost like a whine. If you listen carefully you'll hear a distinct banging noise, like someone is hitting a pipe with a metal object. You'll eventually hear the creature make an awfully load noise, then something like a toilet being flushed. The water system below is now turned on, and you can interact with the two red valves in the same room. Notice the pipes above you? Start hitting the pipe nearest to the hole until you hear a section making a different sound than the rest of the pipe. Hit that spot about ten times with your melee weapon until the sound changes and moves to another section. Rinse and repeat. The spot jumps across the pipes in that room a couple of times, do this until you hear the left valve unlock.

You'll notice the code marks near the valves that look the same as the marks found in the toilets near D flag. Overlay these and discover the code 9L 6R 2L 3R. The letter next to the number indicates the Left of Right valve back in the room. The number indicates how many times you have to turn the valve. If you've done it successfully you'll hear a sequence of noises and the Battlefield 1 main theme. You have now unlocked the Dog Tag for The Room.

The BFEE Discord detectives further uncovered a Morse code (water dripping from the pipes in the room) that lead them to the URL: The link takes you to a page that shows the date May 23, 2018 #battlefield.

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