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Steam users dislike ''bad design'' over ''game bugs'' according to study


The Steam User Reviews section is a strange place. You can catch a laugh just sitting there reading through the comments that people make about games they have played. Sometimes people really rage out and sometimes there are some positives. You would think that users would bash video game developers over bugs more than anything else but that is not the case it seems. According to a new study, gamers have actually started to look past game bugs and just the design of a game more than anything else. 

A recent study published by Empirical Software Engineering examined the negative and positive reviews for over 6,224 games on the Steam platform. The information they found showed that several factors went into a bad review of a game but it is not what we all thought. According to the study, it showed that more users complained about bad game design as opposed to bugs. Only 8 percent of users spoke about bugs while 34 percent of them mentioned negatives relating to the game design. This is form examining the over 6000 games. 

"Bad design" in this case means uninteresting gameplay, boring mechanics and an overall unengaging experience. In general, the study showed that across the board negative reviews came from people complaining about the game design over bugs. This could suggest that gamers actually prefer a game with better gameplay mechanics over its polish and technical quality. 

The only time bugs became a talking point was when they prevented player progression which goes to show that smaller technical faults in a game did not have a drastic effect on the gamer as we all thought. 

However, this study does not completely allow developers to release buggy games as often bugs could lead to the issue with game design. If we look at Mass Effect Andromeda, it has various technical issues that took away from the overall experience. While some of them were funny to look at, they were most likely a major cause for the game's failure. 

So there you have it. If you thought game bugs were the reason why game reviews are so low on Steam then think again. Gamers want better games as they seem to be going a long way. You can read the entire study here if you feel like some light reading. 

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