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15 of the greatest Xbox One exclusives of this generation so far

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I recently covered the 15 greatest PS5 exclusives of this generation so far. So it was only fair that I did the same for the Xbox One. While it may not match the likes of Sony's first-party exclusives, the Xbox One has some killer exclusive games on it that makes it worth the buy too. Sure, many of these are on Windows 10 too thanks to Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere incentives, but some of them are not given that they released so far back before the program was released. Take a look at the top 15 Xbox One exclusives of this generation so far. 

15. Quantum Break

  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: April 2016
  • Price: R419

Quantum Break follows the story of Jack Joyce who gets granted the power to manipulate time. Sure it sounds like a blessing but it is far from it. The game revolves around his journey as he fights off a well-funded organization led by Paul Serene who wants control over time too. The game plays in a third-person perspective and the decisions you make in the game result in various outcomes taking place. It is also filled with great live-action sequences that play out like a well-designed TV show. The game's combat is also amped up by the time mechanics allowing you to freeze enemies in place, rewind time and even control objects thanks to the power. 

14. Sunset Overdrive

  • Developer: Insomniac Games
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • Released: October 2014
  • Price: R574

While many of you may know Insomniac Games for their Ratchet and Clank work, they released an Xbox One exclusive even before the console launched in SA. Sunset Overdrive is an over-the-top, open-world action adventure that follows the story of an ex-FizzCo employee that finds himself in a world taken over by creatures known as the OD, people who have overdosed on the popular fizzy drink and have now turned into walking creatures of death. The game features a fast-paced parkour system where players can run, jump and slide on almost everything making getting around awesome. Not to mention the fantastic guns that are the studio's forte. Everything from a rocket launcher that shoots rockets that shoots rockets to a blade gun that pummels sharp blades at enemies. 

13. Sea of Thieves

  • Developer: Rare
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: March 2018
  • PriceR999

Sea of Thieves may be lacking the content to keep you going for months on end, but the game is not bad especially considering you can get it for free with the Xbox Game Pass. The game sees you and some friends take to the seas in a pirate ship as you explore uncharted waters and plunder treasures found abroad. The biggest problem is that other players are doing the same thing and you if are a pirate at heart you know that they cannot be trusted. They will try and kill you and take your treasure that you spent hours finding or they will help you. Probably not but hey, it is the pirate's life

12. Halo 5: Guardians

  • Developer: 343 Studios
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • Released: October 2015
  • Price: R349

Halo 5 might have a wonky story but its magic lies in the multiplayer. The Halo series has been known for its top-class multiplayer action and Halo 5 is no different. It boasts some new modes and a new card system that helps you across each match. All the multiplayer content is also free for everyone so you will never have to pay for anything to experience it all. Apart from the multiplayer, the game features a decent story mode that is fully playable in co-op. It takes you to new places as you control both Spartan Locke and The Master Chief across another cross-planet adventure. 

11. Super Lucky's Tale

  • Developer: Playful Corp
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: November 2017
  • PriceR509

Looking for something to curb your Crash Bandicoot itch? Well, Super Lucky's Tale is almost that, almost. The game features a cute and adorable fox named lucky as he sets off to find the lost pages from the Book of Ages. The game takes him across all sorts of locations to find these items. He also needs to come face to face with an evil group of cats that want to stop him. The game features a great 3D platforming vibe as Lucky explores each land and tries to stop the evil Jinx and her evil group called the Kitty Litters. 

10. Halo Wars 2

  • Developer: 343 Industries/ Creative Assembly
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: February 2017
  • PriceR899

We are short decent RTS games in gaming these days and a great alternative is none other than Halo Wars 2. The game is set in the Halo universe in the year 2559 and is a direct sequel to the first Halo Wars game. The game follows the story of a human crew aboard the UNSC warship called Spirit of Fire. It also introduces a new faction called The Banished. A war breaks out between the two and it is up to the humans to save the Ark. The game builds on the traditional RTS genre by giving you control of various installations and battle crews in the game. Each level is unique as the game pushed the envelope when it comes to traditional RTS gameplay. New modes, new features and the new faction make for a refreshing sequel to the series. 

9. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Developer: 343 Industries
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • Released: November 2014
  • Price: R449

Before Halo 5: Guardians was even a thing, Microsoft release the entire collection of Halo and it included over 200 multiplayer maps and over one hundred hours of co-op and single player story content. The game features all four Halo games in the series with ODST as a separate download. The games look better and since its release have been updated for the Xbox One X. If you have never played a Halo game before then this is the collection you want to own as it has everything. Even if you spend a few hours in split-screen PvP with a friend it is money well spent. 

8. Forza Horizon 2

  • Developer: Playground Games
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • Released: September 2014
  • PriceR599

After the huge success of the first Forza Horizon, there was no doubt Microsoft would cash in on a sequel. Forza Horizon 2 takes place across the European coastline and features some of the best arcade racing in gaming. It looks fantastic and takes players through various cities and vineyards as they compete to be the best of the best in the annual Horizon festival. Expect lots of cars, loud music and stunts in this open-world racer. 

7. Dead Rising 3

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Released: November 2013
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • PriceR574

Dead Rising 3 released as an Xbox One exclusive at launch and it was one of the best in the series. Its darker take on the traditional gameplay was a refreshing approach to the series. The game followed Nick Ramos as he tried to survive the daily life in this city overrun by the undead. The game was set in a large open world much bigger than anything of the past and had a bigger collection of weapons and vehicles to make too. It was also the first game in the series to feature a combination feature that allowed you to make a weapon and then combine it with another weapon or even a vehicle to make it even more badass. While the game is also on Windows today, it still stands as a decent Xbox One zombie masher. 

6. Gears of War 4

  • Developer: The Coalition
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: October 2016
  • PriceR669

Gears of War 4 was the much-needed refresh in the series. After a handful of games released on the Xbox 360, Microsoft hit a wall with the series and had to do something drastic to change ist direction. Gears of War 4 features the same traditional cover-based gun fights but at the same time its new story, setting and characters makes it something you want to experience. If you are a fan or not, the game is a great one that has a solid co-op and single player campaign and an intense multiplayer mode too. 

5. Forza Motorsport 7

  • Developer: Turn 10 Studios
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: October 2017
  • PriceR999

While the Xbox One has seen a few Forza games, its best simulation racer is no doubt Forza Motorsport 7. It is just bigger and more ambitious than any of the other six games to date and it pushed the Xbox One hardware to its limit. Best of all is that if you own a Xbox One X, it is one of the very few games to support full 4K textures making it a visual masterpiece to see in action. There is a big difference between 4K resolution and 4K textures and if you are balling with an Xbox One X then you should own this game just to show people how gorgeous it looks. 

4. Cuphead

  • Developer: Studio MDHR 
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: September 2017
  • Price: R339

Finding inspiration from 1930s cartoons, Cuphead follows the story of Mugman and Cuphead as they try and repay their debt to the devil after losing to him in a gamble. They set out to fight various bosses across the land in order to pay their dues. Each boss fight delivers an intense action sequence as the game's side-scrolling action and button mashing create a unique 2D masterpiece. Of course, the game relies heavily on its gorgeous art style and soundtrack and both of these features deliver a unique look and feel we have not seen in gaming before. While the game is very hard, it is one to experience. 

3. ReCore

  • Developer: Armature Studios
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: September 2016
  • Price: R339

While ReCore was not a smash hit it was a failry decent adventure game with some unique gameplay mechanics. The game follows the story of Joule Adams, a volunteer for the utopian colony of Far Eden who wakes after centuries in cyro-sleep. She has the ability to control robots with her special powers and with these abilities she needs to overcome challenges and explore the desolate lands no inhabited by rogue machines. The game features some great exploration, discovery, and a unique combat system that relies on the all her powers and robots at her side. 

2. Forza Horizon 3

  • Developer: Playground Games
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: Yes
  • Released: September 2016
  • Price: R919

Forza Horizon 3 might not only be the best racer on Xbox but it is probably the greatest arcade-like racer of this generation. Set in the Australian outback, the game takes you on an open-world adventure in hundreds of vehicles as you explore the wetlands and the drylands of the country. The game's races are high-octane and the side activities are extremely fun to experience too. The entire game feels like a full package of great cars and great action all packed into one of the best looking games on the Xbox One. Even if you don't like racing games you should give this one a go. 

1.Ori and the Blind Forest

  • Developer: Moon Studios
  • Xbox Play Anywhere: No
  • Released: April 2016
  • PriceR169

Don't let that fact that this game is the cheapest on the list fool you, it is also the greatest. Ori and the Blind Forest is a magical adventure that delivers on multiple fronts. Its soundtrack is out of this world, its story is charming and its visuals are stunning. The game is a side-scrolling platformer that follows the story of Ori, a while guardian spirit that sets off to save the Blind Forest after it falls ill. Ori starts of weak and defenceless and grows into a powerful and courageous being, able to fight the evil that challenges her in the forest. The game has a great sense of discovery and it all blends together to create an experience that you have to experience to believe. It is without a doubt the best Xbox One exclusive of this generation so far.

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