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Battlefield 1's first DLC is now free to download and keep forever on PS4, Xbox One and PC


If you own the Battlefield 1 base game, or even if you don't and want to grab this for some other time then you can download the first expansion, They Shall Not Pass for free right now and keep it forever. The offer is only available until May 15th, after which the price goes up again to R299. Xbox One owners can download the expansion from the Microsoft Store here, while PC owners can download it via Origin here. If you are on PS4, you can grab the DLC here

"They Shall Not Pass" adds four maps to the Battlefield; Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. You also get to play in the French Army with six new main weapons; the Ribeyrolles 1918, RSC 1917, Lebel Model 1886, Chauchat, Sjögren Inertial, and MLE 1903 Extended. New melee weapons include the Cogwheel Club, Nail Knife, and Trench Fleur.

The download size for PS4, Xbox One and PC is just over 7 GB.

Don't forget that the competitive mode, Incursions, is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Follow these steps to download Incursions:

  1. Launch Battlefield 1
  2. Click “More” on the main menu
  3. Select the Battlefield 1 Incursions tile to start your download

Incursions is a 5 vs. 5 mode that is played on smaller maps. It has three modes; King of the Hill played on Sinai Desert Redux, Squad Breakthrough on Amiens Redux, and Conquest on Giant’s Shadow Redux. There are ten unique kits to choose from; Control Leader, Raid Leader, Battle Mechanic, Demolition Driver, Trench Surgeon, Combat Sniper, Proximity Recon, Shock Assault, AT Assault, and Mortar Support. Read more about the mode here.

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