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Fortnite earned over $126 Million in February alone

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If you play Fortnite then you are probably to thank for Epic Games' great earnings during the month of February. We know that the game does very well but I was actually shocked that it is doing $126 million per month well. According to SuperData, the game brought in $126 million in February of 2018 alone. Considering that same games don't even make this in a lifetime, it is pretty outstanding. 

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A lot of this has to do with Fortnite's release on iOS which is a platform for revenue for any app/game that releases on it. To think of the hundreds of millions of people playing on an iPhone and each of them buying a few dollars worth of items each month, it all accounts for a lot of income. The mobile version of the game makes at least  1 million each day according to Sensor Tower and in April alone it raked in $25 million on mobile purchases. 

Keep in mind that the mobile version is only out on iOS right now and Epic's wallets are only going to get fatter when it releases on Android seen as the player base is much greater on the OS due to it being so widespread across every other device other than Apple hardware. If you think it will grow with Android, just wait until it lands in China. According to a tweet from the developer, they have plans to release the popular free to play battle royale in China soon. China's player base is greater than most of the world so expect the revenue to double if not triple. It also helps that China are big into mobile gaming with it being more popular than console/PC gaming in the region. 

My only concern is the cheating issues that will come with the release of the game in China. PUBG is still suffering from heavy cheating problems so much so that many players are jumping ship to Fortnite. Regardless, Fortnite is big and it is making big money. It will only get bigger from here as Epic Games will not be stopping anytime soon. 

Do these stats surprise you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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