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How hard is God of War's hardest difficulty? - Watch 1 hour opening gameplay

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God of War is out today across the world and players cannot wait to get into the action. If you are stuck at work or not picking the game up until payday then we have you covered. We played through the opening hour of the game on the hardest difficulty possible. Spoiler- It is hard. 

In God of War, there are four different difficulties ranging from a breezy and easy "story emphasis" mode which makes combat extremely easy and gives players time to focus on the story (it is real good). Then there is a middle challenge which is okay-ish. I reviewed the game on the second hardest mode and there were a few rage moments but nothing worth tossing your TV out the window for. Then we have its Give me God of War mode which is the true challenge of challenges. 

Why is it so hard you may ask? Well, there are a few tweaks in difficulty. For starters, enemies are much tougher right from the start. Really, I struggled to get past the first fight. They have increased health and not only do they hit like a truck, they also do not stagger as easily. Meaning you cannot stun lock them into a corner and just wreck their face. It also does not help that Kratos feels like a weakling around them too. He can take a few hits and he is dead. 

Last but not least, the enemies are able to level up in the fights too. Now, this is something that is present in the lower difficulties but not as extreme as the hardest mode. The game runs on a power level system whereas your total gear power contributes to the main level. I finished the game at level 6 edging 7 which is a lot of time and work. Enemies were also around the same level which resulted in a fair fight.

On the Give me God of War mode, however,  enemies already appear at level 2 and level 3 in the starting areas which means one hit from them and you are dead. During fights, you might think that a said enemy is on level 1 but a quick animation from them after their eyes glow and they will increase their level up by one notch. These added mechanics and tougher enemies all add up to a much harder fight throughout the game. It, in turn, changes combat completely as you will need to take a more tactical approach to them and if anything, play it like Dark Souls (it often feels as tough as Dark Souls, to be honest). 

Don't believe me? Take a look at the video of the first hour of the game on the hardest difficulty below.

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