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ASUS currently working on a powerful Republic of Gamers phone

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The Asus RoG range is no stranger to the world. Asus does a great job delivering powerful gaming hardware to gamers in many ways. Be it a motherboard, gaming laptop, monitor or even a mouse and keyboard. The Republic of Gamers brand is on top there with the likes of MSI so it would come as no surprise that Asus would plan to dive into the mobile gaming market seen as it is growing at a rapid rate. So fast that mobile gaming is sliding into the competitive esports territory too. We first had the Razer phone with its 120Hz display and now, according to the Asus CEO, we can expect a mobile device from the company this year. 

Jerry Shan, CEO of Asus confirmed the news in his interview with Phillippines publication, Astig. Jerry states that the gaming phone can be expected from the Taiwanese firm sometime this year. With the MWC already done and dusted for 2018, Asus would have to find another event to reveal this device. Perhaps they host a private function like Razer did for their latest gaming phone? According to reports, the RoG device was meant to be at MWC 2018 but was pulled out last minute. 


While we don't know much about the specs of the device, mobile hardware is kind of predictable these days so expect an 18:9 display, 6GB of RAM,64/128GB storage, and of course a fancy high hertz display. Most of all, expect the device to look like an Asus RoG machine with the red eye (of course it is red) and stainless steel finish. 


Xiaomi Black Shark

Asus does have some competition to try and beat as they would not be the first brand to have a mobile gaming phone. Xiaomi is about to release their first gaming phone the "Black Shark" and it looks and sounds pretty epic. It boasts 8GB of RAM, a 20MP camera and a Snapdragon 845 CPU. This makes it the most powerful mobile phone on the market without a doubt. 

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