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EA is aware that gamers do not like them

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If you thought that EA Games were oblivious to the fact that gamers do not like the company then think again because the publisher is quite aware that "players see the company differently than we do" according to EA's Patrick Söderlund.

In a recent interview with The Verge, Patrick, now chief design officer for EA spoke, out about the recent happenings in the company after 2017's loot box-ridden release lineup. If you remember back to 2017, EA was not in the good books after Mass Effect: Andromeda's flop, Star Wars: Battlefront 2's pay-to-win loot boxes and even Need for Speed: Payback's forceful loot boxes. It was one hit after another in 2017 for the company and everything that went down was their fault. 

“I’d be lying to you if I said that what’s happened with Battlefront and what’s happened with everything surrounding loot boxes and these things haven’t had an effect on EA as a company and an effect on us as management,” he said. In an attempt to fix the damage, EA's management side of the company is looking to not repeat the same mistakes. As any company would do. This has forced the publisher to reevaluate what monetisation practices they will implement for their upcoming games. 

“We have taken significant steps as a company to review and understand the mechanics around monetisation, loot boxes, and other things in our games before they go to market. For games that come next, for Battlefield or for Anthem players have made it very clear that we can't afford to make similar mistakes. And we won't" 

The worst of all is EA's public image which is dirt right now. I know from experience that we cannot publish an EA games-related article without at least one hate comment towards the brand being made in the comment section. "It's clear to us that players see the company differently than we do. And in that situation, as a member of the executive team, as the guy who runs all of the studios, I have to take that seriously.".

EA is not going to recover from this overnight. If anything, they have a lot to prove and they should learn from Ubisoft and how the brand recovered from their similar issues with Watch Dogs back in the day. Ubisoft now releases high-quality games with good intentions and limited loot boxes. EA, on the other hand, has been forcefully implementing loot boxes for revenue purposes and until they change that and prove they do things for the passion and love of gaming, they will never come right. 

Do you think EA will ever recover from the damage done in 2017? Let us know in the comments below. 

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