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The King of Kong responds to cheating allegations

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Last week, we talked about why the King of Kong, Billy Mitchell was stripped of his title and scrubbed from the record books. The bottom line of the story was that Mitchell used a different console than the one stipulated by authorities (an unaltered, original arcade cabinet motherboard) and that his scores (all those millions in both Donkey Kong and Pac-Man), were, therefore, invalid. His records were scrapped and he was banned from ever participating in any Twin Galaxies leaderboards.

Over this past weekend, Mitchell attended the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, where he also recorded a video clip in which he stated that he will prove his innocence in the matter. 

"We will show that everything was done professionally, according to the rules, according to the score board, according to the integrity that was set up," Mitchell explains to Old School Gamer Magazine (he is on the advisory board). "Everything will be transparent, everything will be available." Mitchell goes on to explain that he wished he had said evidence available right away, but that it would take a considerable amount of time to prepare all the facts.

It makes sense, given that his records were achieved many years ago. According to Mitchell, he will present documents and witnesses that will testify that his achievements were all legit. "Nothing will be withheld," continues Mitchell. "You absolutely have my commitment to that."

I hope it doesn't take another decade before this issue is resolved.

Source: Old School Gamer Magazine

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"Nothing will be withheld"

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