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The best fights in God of War history

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There is no doubt that the God of War series has taken epic fights to the next level. I mean where else could you face off against a giant as big as a mountain, completely wreck him and come out still standing? With the release of the new God of War we thought it would be awesome to take a look at the biggest and best fights in the series up to now. These include fights from across the series including the PlayStation Portable games too. 

Check out the video below where we actually show you the epic battles in action. 

Hydra - God of War

While the Hydra was not the most ambitious fight in the series, it was the first one you had in the first ever God of War game. It was the introduction to series and an iconic moment in the franchise. As Kratos climbed atop a shipwreck a giant hydra with multiple heads appeared. Kratos then had to slice and dice his way through them until the final showdown between the last head. Of course, it would not be a God of War game without the "tapping the circle button as fast as possible" moment and this led to the creature being impaled by the ship's sail. It all ended as beautifully as it began and this opening fight was the start of something great. 

Sister of Fate Clotho - God of War 2

What more can you ask for from a boss fight other than it being a whole platforming level designed around her entire body? Clotho was an epic fight in God of War 2 that saw Kratos climb to the top of the Loom Chamber while slicing off Clotho's hands and even tossing his blades at a few of her dozen breasts. It was a revolting as it sounds and her body was scattered with pimples and hair. As Kratos made his way up her body he hurt her more and more until the final blow to her very tiny head. Yes, her head was much smaller than we all expected but it did not stop Kratos from ramming a blade right through it. 

Colossus of Rhodes - God of War 2

What made the Statue of the Colossus fight so great had to be just how epic it was among everything that was going on at the same time. It took place amidst a large battle with arrows flying all over the place and the opportunity for Kratos to use various weapons to help with the fight. As the 10-minute fight continued, Kratos then even climbed into the giant statue to destroy it from the inside. It then came to a climatic ending as Kratos blew the giant up and leapt out of his mouth. It was a great battle that showed off the power of the Blade of Olympus. 

Poseidon - God of War 3

After a long break in the series, God of War 3 released on PS3 and it looked gorgeous. What better way to showcase the game's splendour than an epic boss fight right at the start? Kratos' first foe was none other than Poseidon himself and his hybrid body made up of a crustacean and a horse with him humanoid figure acting as the central part. The fight was beyond climatic as it all took place on Gaia's body and throughout the fight, you fly across it and use it as a platform and even to hang from and climb up all while avoiding the beast's attack. It is a long fight too with various phases. It all comes to an end when Kratos leaps at the god himself and knocks his body out of the creation he made. Kratos then beats Poseidon's face in and calls it a day. 

Thanatos - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

For being a portable game, Santa Monica Studios really pulled off an epic final boss fight between Thanatos, Kratos and his brother Deimos. The fight was carried out in stages and became quite intense especially when Thanatos turned into a giant flying bird-like creature. The battle was enjoyable as Kratos and his brother both fought hand-in-hand to bring down the beast. The fight came to an end when Kratos ripped open Thanatos' chest with his hands (naturally) and stabbed him in the heart. For a portable showdown, this one was one we remember. 

Ares - God of War

Everything that happened in the first God of War came to an end with an epic showdown between Kratos and Ares, the God of War. To be honest, he needed a good hiding because that guy was a hot mess. The epic showdown saw Kratos open Pandora's Box and imbue his body with a magical essence that turned him into a giant. Although Ares was bigger than Kratos and had giant claws coming out of his back, Kratos still destroyed the God of War as they fought in the middle of the ocean. One good old slice to the face and Ares was defeated. This ended the first God of War and left us wanting more. 

Zeus - God of War III

The entire God of War story up until God of War II revolved around Zeus and his betrayal toward Kratos. So it came as no surprise that when Kratos had a chance to face off against Zeus it was going to be done in one epic showdown. The fight started at Mount Olympus and even went into Gaia's body and her heart. Kratos then dealt the final blow as he drove the Blade of Olympus through Zeus and Gaia's heart all at once. But it was not over as Kratos still had some anger in him. Upon waking up Kratos then faces Zeus' ghost once and for all and it all ends with him flattening his face with his fists. Blood covers the screen, credits roll and the end of Zeus and the Gods of Olympus was finally achieved. 

Hades - God of War III

For being a pretty popular god in Greek mythology, we don't get to face off against Hades until quite late in the series. It, of course, does not let us down as the epic battle between Kratos and the god of the underworld if one for the books. Probably the best part of the fight is how personal it is as Kratos and Hades fight in an arena just him and the undead lord. Kratos needs to use every movement he knows to dodge Hades' chains and at times Hades even tries to pull Kratos' soul out of his body. It all came to an end when Kratos started to slice the meat off Hade's chest, weakening him and then pulling his own soul out of his body and absorbing it. Epic indeed. 

Chronos - God of War III

We then have one of the most epic fights of the series which is none other than Chronos himself. We see Chronos in earlier games, he is the guy carrying Pandora's Temple on his back but we never knew we would ever face off against him. Well, if you ever had to face a living mountain then this would be the best time to do so. The fight between Chronos and Kratos is the most memorable one in the series as it saw you fight this giant and pull him apart bit by bit. Yes, Kratos even gives him a manicure and pulls off a few nails too. Not to mention pops some of his pimples while he is at it. Kratos finally fells the beast by killing him with the very crystal nail meant to keep him locked up. It slices through his jaw, Chronos begs for mercy, a word Kratos does not understand. He then stabs him in the head and he dies. Good luck finding a coffin big enough for that body. 

Which fights did you think were the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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