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Valve issues a wave of perma-bans to Dota 2 cheaters with more to come

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Spectating the DAC 2018 finals between LDG and Mineski isn’t the only thing Dota 2 fans should get excited about, as Valve has issued a wave of permanent matchmaking bans to Dota 2 cheaters. Good riddance I say, as cheating in any online multiplayer game, should be punished and done so swiftly and to the maximum extent possible.

Quite honestly, cheating in Dota 2 hasn’t really been on my radar and I never felt like players in public matches have been cheating, but clearly, there is a problem. The great thing about all this is that Valve promises to issue subsequent ban waves in the coming weeks. The news comes from a tweet by the official Dota 2 Twitter account, stating that:

Today we issued a wave of permanent matchmaking bans to players who were found to be abusing cheats (e.g. auto-hex scripting). There will be subsequent ban waves in the coming weeks. We do not support or condone the use of any third-party modifications during matchmade games.” – Source

The use of third-party programs is how players are able to cheat, with the most notable being an auto-hex scripting that affects in-game mechanics. Think instant use of sheep stick on a Tinker and you can see how devastating and unfair some of these third-party programs can be. However, one has to remember that some third-party programs and especially things like Reshade might not actually help a player win, but Valve does not condone any third-party modifications at all.

For those using a harmless modification, I suggest you stop using it right away to avoid any possible future ban. To those who have been using programs or modifications to get a clear edge in matches, good riddance!

What do you think about the recent ban wave and do you use or know of anyone who uses third-party programs while playing Dota 2? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter

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