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EA Vancouver working on an open-world Star Wars project and we are worried about it

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Every time I cover news on EA I get worried about how real the news is and how our readers are going to take it. EA Games have been shunned by the world in the past few months due to the latest Star Wars: Battlefront II drama and there are good reasons behind it all. EA released something that could have been great but in the end, it was a pay-to-win game with free-to-play mechanics and it caused global outrage and began the anti-loot-box movement. 

So when I see news about another Star Wars game being developed at EA I begin to worry about it. We know that the studio owns the game license for Star Wars which we all agree they should not. This means they have the right to make Star Wars games until the cows come home (too much Far Cry 5) whether we like it or not. 

The latest news comes from a job listing posted by EA that indicates the company is looking for someone to join a "veteran team to design, architect, and implement the online infrastructure" for an open-world Star Wars game. 

Applicants must have “experience implementing online features such as matchmaking, asynchronous interactions, live services, and server-host migration.” The applicant will also be working with a networking team to “ensure designs will maintain high-traffic services for multi-platform games.”

The giveaway is the summary of the job listing that reads, “Lead a team to deliver online features for a Star Wars open-world project,”. This could mean EA are picking up development of the recently-cancelled Star Wars game that was in development at Visceral Games which EA shut down last year. 

The game was meant to be an ambitious open-world experience and we saw a glimpse of it two years ago at E3 2016. EA shut down the studio working on the title and nothing was mentioned regarding the game. EA knows that if they don't create Star Wars games then nobody will and so they will probably keep churning them out as fast as they can. If this game is indeed in development it could be ready for the release of Star Wars: Episode IX at the end of 2019.

This has me worried though. EA completely destroyed Battlefront II so bad that even after the restructuring of the economy, players are still steering away from it. The studio has the worst reputation in the industry right now and no new Star Wars game will make that better. If EA can ever recover from 2017's loot box drama remains to be seen. 

Do you think EA will do fans good with this game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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