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You'll need this much hard drive space to download A Way Out on console

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A Way Out is one of our most anticipated releases of 2018, and in just a few days we'll be able to start planning our prison break. The game releases on March 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC; has no single-player campaign, and is only playable in a cooperative format via a LAN or Internet connection. The best thing about the game is that you can send a free game pass to anyone on your friend's list (must be on the same platform), and they can play the game with you, for free.

The files sizes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has now been revealed, with the PC version to follow soon. According to the PlayStation Store, the PlayStation 4 file size is 24 GB, while the Microsoft  Store shows the approximate download size as 17.44 GB for Xbox One.

The Xbox One version is Xbox One X enhanced, and according to the PlayStation Store, the PlayStation 4 version will play at 720p and 1080p. Remember, if you intend to play it online, then you need to be a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscriber. The game supports both split-screen and shared screen.

According to the developer, "A Way Out is going to cover a lot of gameplay ground, from action to exploration, from driving to puzzle-solving, and much more." You play as one of two convicts, Leo or Vincent, who attempt a prison break, and if they succeed, they have to stay ahead of the police. Players will have to work together to pull off the escape, and each situation can be approached in many different ways. The game sounds much like the TV series, Prison Break, and we expect it to deliver a fun and challenging co-op experience. 

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A Way Out is an action-adventure game, with a lot of puzzle solving. You play as either Leo or Vincent, and both characters' stories will be told simultaneously. In an interview with Gamespot, the developer, (Josef Fares from  Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons), stated that the entire game can be completed in about eight hours.

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