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PlayStation 5 announcement imminent as dev kits shipped - Could be backwards compatible

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We are still pretty much loving this current generation of gaming. Sure, it is hella confusing given that we have had, for the first time in history, a mid-generation upgrade across both consoles. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X marked a more powerful approach to the ecosystem and while they are able to push out 4K HDR gaming with faster load times and overall better visuals they are still current consoles. The next generation of gaming has been rumoured to kick off at the start of 2020 and although this may be true, I can actually see Sony announcing and releasing the PS5 by the end of next year. According to new rumours, the gears have been set in motion already.

According to Marcus Sellars, the same man who spilt the beans on the Diablo 3 Switch port and Spyro The Dragon Remastered Trilogy, Sony has already sent out the PlayStation 5 dev kits to third-party developers across the world. This could mean that they have already sent the dev kits out to first-party developers much sooner too given that Sony's Worldwide Studios would plan to release titles for the new console at launch. If you don't know what a dev kit is, it is an ugly version of the PS5 that allows developers to test games and engines on the system. Basically, you cannot make PS5 games without it. 

If we look back at Sony's track record, the PS2 had a six-year gap between that and the PS3 and the PS4 launched just over seven years later. This would mean that the PS5 would fit right into its 2019/2020 rumoured release. It could also release even sooner given how fast we have moved into a new generation of 4K gaming. We also need to take into account that with Microsoft's Xbox One X, Sony would have the upper hand if they would announce and release the PS5 sooner. It would move them into the next generation leaving Microsoft behind to catch up once again. 


Another interesting piece of information comes from a patent that Sony filed all the way in 2015 already. According to the patent, Sony highlights the importance of this hardware run "backward compatibility testing software in a mode that disrupts timing". It still remains to be seen what that means but just the word "backwards compatible" is enough to get us excited. The PS4 has lacked the feature and it is one of Sony's biggest downfalls.

Keep in mind that this is all unconfirmed rumours so don't go throwing your PS4 in the bin just yet. E3 is around the corner and I doubt we will see the console announced there but we could see a glimpse of some titles in development for both PS4 and PS5 similar to what we saw with Watch Dogs. 

When do you think the PS5 will release? Let us know in the comments below. 

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