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Rumour: More Battlefield V details leaked

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Earlier this month, a leak suggested that the next Battlefield game would be called Battlefield V, and like its predecessor will focus on one of the great wars; this time World War II. The leak was published by VentureBeat, who claims to have even more details about 2018's Battlefield. This time information about a new cooperative mode, some campaign details, and again, a confirmation that loot box will contain only cosmetic items.

While EA has yet to reveal or even comment on the leaks, the details that have to light seem quite believable. According to the leak, the game's story will be set during World War II and follow the same episodic campaigns as Battlefield 1. This means we will hop from location to location as we experience the story told by heroes of the era. 

EA seems to be keeping the same quality level as seen in Battlefield 1 by bringing back some of the best voices from the 2016 release. Katherine Kingsley, the voice announcer from Battlefield 1 posted an image in January saying she was back in the studio recording. This means she could be back for Battlefield V. 

Many leaks have also been mentioning co-op play and the rumours suggest that there will be a special mode that runs squads through randomly generated Conquest missions. The co-op in Star Wars: Battlefront II was great but the only limitation was that it was exclusive to split-screen. I hope they add an online aspect to Battlefield V if this is the case.

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Battlefield V will also feature an ability to go prone on your back that will give players more movement and the ability to turn around faster while proned. Last but not least is the loot box reports. After the controversy around Star Wars: Battlefront II, EA cannot afford another disaster. Battlefield V will contain loot boxes but the contents will be restricted to cosmetic items only. So you can expect a fat "in-game purchases" sticker to be slapped on the front of the game after the ESRB announced they will include them in any game that contains the sort. 

I have to say that if the leak turns out to be true, that I'll be disappointed as I was hoping that the next Battlefield title would be Battlefield Bad Company 3. In December last year, a leak suggested that it would release in 2018, and the leak revealed a lot more precise details about the game, so I am not discounting it. Both a World War II setting and Bad Company 3 would be a win for fans. Anything as long as it's not a futuristic Battlefield game.

EA DICE Senior Video and Media Director, Randy Evans, confirmed that a Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer is "underway', so until that day all we have is speculation.

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