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Fortnite Battle Royale officially getting jetpacks


I am not a fan of the Battle Royale part of Fortnite but from what I have played I can understand why a faster mode of movement is needed. The map is huge and getting around it can often be a chore. Well, it seems that Epic Games will be changing all that as they will adding jetpacks into the game. This will no doubt turn things up and make the battle royale mode even crazier. Did someone say air combat? 

The news comes from the update window in the game where Epic usually shows off what new items and content have been added. This jetpack is at the top with a "coming soon" next to it. The official description of the jetpack reads "Take the fight to new heights" which is no doubt what players are going to do when the device launches as why would you stay on the ground when you can fly through the air?

Fortnite Jetpack.jpg

Some users are speculating that the device will be an aesthetic one and only appear when you jump out of the bus but if you ask me, that description sounds like it is going to be an actual item to use during the match itself. 

Epic Games have not officially announced any details on the device as of yet besides adding the news into the game. I am sure they will spill the details on the item soon. All we hope is that it is not something you need to buy with V-Bucks as it would put players at an unfair disadvantage. Hopefully, it is added to the loot rolls in chests and players can find it during matches and use it for a limited amount of time before it runs out of gas. I am just thinking logically here. 

What do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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