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H1Z1 player base down 90% since June 2017

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With every developer and their cat making Battle Royale games, it is hard to stay relevant in the gaming industry right now. PUBG numbers are even falling behind but that is due to the severe cheating issues players have to deal with in the game. H1Z1, probably the first Battle Royale is falling from grace faster than ever, down 90% since June last year.

Steam Charts reports that since June 2017 where the game peaked at 150,000 players, it has dropped to a mere 8,000 in the middle of February. H1Z1 was the go-to Battle Royale game when the King of the Hill mode released and this drop in player stats is truly shocking. It has also happened so fast too. 

This is without a doubt due to the rise of other games like PUBG and Fortnite. A clear indication of this is when we look at Twitch numbers. H1Z1 just managed to pull in 855k hours of watch time at its peak while PUBG rakes in at least 1.2 million hours per day since March 2017. H1Z1 has been rapidly falling for months now across both its player count and its popularity on Twitch. 

Could this spell the beginning of the end of H1Z1? Although Daybreak is still working on the game, we will have to watch these numbers carefully now. If anything, they should do a console port to at least try get these numbers up as H1Z1 has been one of the games console owners have been asking for since its debut.

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