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PS Plus Free games line-up for March could be one of the best yet according to a rumour

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As the end of the month nears, we always see a lot of rumours, leaked images and all that start popping up about the next PlayStation Plus free games line-up. It goes without saying that most of the time, those rumours turn out not to be true or the images turn out to be fake.

Sony normally announces the next PlayStation Plus line-up in the last week of a month, so it is not surprising that some new rumours have surfaced. One rumour, in particular, caught my attention because there seems to be some legitimacy behind it. The rumour doesn’t “reveal” any of the games in the PS+ free games for March line-up, but instead only suggest that the March line-up will be one of the best since the service started.

What’s even more intriguing is that the rumour reportedly comes from a PlayStation Spain employee and there is some video evidence to back it up. As reported by Gearnuke, a Spanish YouTuber named Ampeterby7 visited PlayStation Spain as part of his vlog and got a comment from one of the PlayStation Spain team members. You can watch the vlog at the bottom of this article, but keep in mind that it is in Spanish.

Gearnuke obviously translated the comment in question and even for someone like me who can’t understand the language, it is clear that they are talking about PS Plus at the 7-minute mark.

Even so, please remember to always take rumours like this one with a grain of salt, because even if the translation is correct and everything is legitimate, it could just have been a way to build some hype for the service.

The employee didn’t want to reveal which games would be in the March line-up, but if it is really going to be one of the best months yet, we should see at least one big AAA title from a few years back. My thoughts still remain with Far Cry 4, as Far Cry 5 releases late in the month of March and Far Cry 4 being a PS Plus free game has been rumoured for quite a while now.

Check out the video below (7-minute mark) for the comment and then tell us what you think about the rumour.  Heck, maybe one of our readers speaks Spanish, so share your translation with us if you do!

ICYMI: Grab the PlayStation Plus free games for February before they get replaced next month.

Sources: Gearnuke, YouTube

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