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Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Siege servers for South Africa

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The Rainbow Six Siege 2018 Invitational ended two days ago with Penta unseating current champions Evil Geniuses in a very tense finale. The biggest news from the event, however,  is that Ubisoft will deploy two new Rainbow Six servers, one to service the European players, and one for South Africa.

During the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational the news broke. You can watch the announcement here or below. Earlier this month during the Microsoft Tech Summit in Cape Town, General Manager for Azure Experience & Partner Marketing, Victoria Grady, confirmed that the company would roll out data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2018.

It was fantastic news for South African gamers because it meant more local gaming servers for many previously unsupported games. One of the biggest drawbacks for South African gamers when playing online games, and especially shooters, is high latency. The launch of Azure datacentres could change that for a number of online games - if a game service is part of the planning.

Ubisoft's announcement could mean that the Azure datacentres will include gaming support, but, of course, until Microsoft officially announces it, we're just speculating.

Rainbow Six Siege currently boasts over 27 million players worldwide, and Ubisoft also confirmed that there is no sequel in the works and that the current game will run for at least a decade. Ubisoft hosts a free weekend regularly, and I suggest South African gamers start making use of it to prepare for the South African server launch.

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Outbreak, a co-op event for Rainbow Six Siege releases on 6 March 2018. Ubisoft also confirmed that there are three more Seasons coming to Rainbow Six Siege and a planned total of 100 Operators (currently there are 36). The game launched in December 2015, and according to brand director, Alexandre Remy (via Eurogamer), year three is a significant milestone for the game as "the content we've now created for the game since release is going to be bigger than the content we shipped in the original box."

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