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New details about Jurassic World Evolution revealed

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If the hype for dinosaurs has already gotten to you since the new Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom trailer dropped recently, then hold on to your horses Triceratops, because the only thing better than watching Chris Pratt run away from Raptors is creating your own virtual Jurassic Park.

That’s where Jurassic World Evolution comes in. The game is being developed by Frontier Developments (creators of the Roller Coaster Tycoon series) and everything that we’ve seen about the games o far looks fantastic. Jurassic World Evolution should release around June 2018 and will, of course, be a management sim for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The latest issue of PC Gamer magazine has quite a few interesting new details about the game. Credit goes to Reddit user Plok742 for spotting the new details and GameWatcher reporting on all the details. So, check them out below and prepare to get hyped.

  • Corporate espionage will be a threat to contend with - while Dodgson and Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park never got very far with their thieving efforts, they are the main reason the Park plunged into chaos. Players will have to avoid the same sort of chaos.
  • Frontier believes the main thing management games lack is peril - "if a ride breaks down in Planet Coaster," says game director Michael Brookes, "it costs you time and money. If an electric fence breaks down in Jurassic World... well, you've seen the movies!" Storms, power outages, dinosaur outbreaks, players will have to contender with them and try to stop the attractions eating the tourists. Although Michael also adds, "we don't want the game to be a constant state of emergency where you don't have time to enjoy creating."
  • There will be multiple parks across multiple islands to manage - while players will be able to concentrate on one park at a time as they advance the campaign, they can always return to their other islands and both make changes and bring in improvements or dinosaurs from later.
  • Bioengineering is a key part of play - anyone who's seen Jurassic World will know what bioengineering leads to, and the latest trailer for the upcoming Fallen Kingdom suggests some similar dabbling with "trying to create a better dinosaur". Players will be able to play god and screw things up royally too, it seems!
  • Frontier are aiming to have "the best videogame dinosaurs ever" - "Jurassic World's dinosaurs have to feel alive from every angle" says Michael Brookes. All this sounds incredible for fans of Jurassic Park or management sims in general.


I simply can’t wait to play the game, as corporate espionage and engineering my own types of dinosaurs just sounds glorious. The developer’s aim to have the best videogame dinosaurs is a big one, but judging from the in-game footage (which you can view below), they are definitely on the right track.

Are you interested in Jurassic World Evolution and are you a fan of the movie franchise? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Reddit, GameWatcher

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