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CS: GO's latest update brings new shotgun bullet spread design, map changes and more

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While we are probably all still at a loss for words after hearing about someone purchasing a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore weapon skin for over R700,000, Valve has released a new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The update is quite exciting if you ask me, as I love sometimes pulling out a shotgun in public matches.

The latest CS: GO update adds a new shotgun bullet spread design, with the goal “to create new situational opportunities and allow more skill to be leveraged in shotgun usage.” The new design makes firing a shotgun similarly to recoil. Further, each shotgun has a unique pattern, which means players will be able to learn these patterns and therefore make using a shotgun more skill based.

Valve explains what the new shotgun bullet spread design should achieve:

With skill, players should be able to use their knowledge of shotgun patterns to maximize their potential, using the right tool for the right situation, whether it’s using a wide pattern to clear a room of multiple opponents, a vertical one for holding a corner, or something in between for lurking.” - Source

I, for one, can’t wait to test out shotguns again as soon as I get the chance. It will be interesting to see how, if in any way, this change will start to affect professional games, but we will surely see more shotguns in public matches now. Apart from the shotgun bullet spread change, there are also some big changes to a couple of maps you might love (or hate) to play.

Nuke and Canals changes

Valve has made some significant changes to both Nuke and Canals. The latter has the biggest number of changes, so much so that Valve notes the old version of the map is available here for tournament organizers. Check out the full list of changes to both Nuke and Canals below.


  • Removed outer catwalk completely
  • Removed helper catwalk onto silo
  • New type of skylight windows in A site
  • Added some cover in corner at back of B site
  • Removed railings when entering B site from ramp
  • Removed window in hut
  • Moved entrance to hut slightly further in
  • Moved up spawns for both teams
  • Flipped static doors at T entrance to ramp
  • Blocked off “old secret” area outside of garage
  • Added solid white walls near CT spawn
  • Rotated container outside of garage, and removed some smaller crates
  • Removed access to crane inside of A site, made more of rafters accessible
  • Reverted box-path onto hut inside A site to the old configuration
  • Removed ladder up to rafters from inside A site
  • Added collision for physics objects (except grenades) near water in B site


  • Closed off windows overlooking courtyard and A
  • Cleaned up sightline from corner balcony toward A and Arch
  • Made CT route to B more direct– Joined two rooms on CT side of B into one space
  • Simplified cover on back side of B
  • Removed Ivy “laddice”, now a skill jump / boost spot
  • Grenade-clipped CT bridge railings for more predictable smokes
  • Moved courtyard statues forward for cleaner sightline
  • Added ashtray for smokers

Those are definitely some big changes to both the maps and it will be interesting to see how teams react to these changes in upcoming tournaments.

What do you think about the new shotgun spread patterns and all the changes made to both Nuke and Canals? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: CS: GO Blog

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