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An update about Battlefield 1's anti-cheating system

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If there's one thing that online gaming (especially PC), struggles with, it's keeping the battlefield free of cheaters. PlayerUnknown's Battleground is a classic example of this, with its millions of players and just as many cheaters (just last month, over one million PUBG cheaters were banned.) Yesterday, the PUBG development team rolled out their new anti-cheat system on the live servers, and today we have an update from the DICE Anti-Cheat Team about their "FairFight" policy.

"Since the release of Battlefield 1, we’ve seen a lot of questions about our anti-cheat systems and about FairFight – the layer of security we use to combat cheaters," explains Anti-Cheat Producer, Sean Merson. "We’d like to address some of the concerns expressed by the community and detail how we’re working tirelessly to create a safe, secure environment for the players."

In October last year, the DICE Anti-Cheat team banned over 8 500 accounts, and they report a significant decline in the number of cheaters detected since. However, there was also a rise in players claiming they were banned unfairly. The accusation against FairFight was that it targets skilled players, and flags accounts simply because of a jump in match stats.

Merson takes a firm stance on the accuracy of Battlefield 1's FairFight anti-cheat system. In no uncertain terms, he states that "it is not possible to be banned simply for being skilled." DICE is keeping a very tight lid on exactly how FairFight works, for obvious reasons - they don't want to give cheat-program developers any insight on how to circumvent the system

The only changes they were willing to discuss was a new form of FairFight messaging that won't be as distracting as the previous version. DICE will release a much more condescend report to all players that will summarize everyone banned for cheating over the past 24-hours. These group messages will be released every few hours. Secondly, DICE made it easier to investigate a ban if you think it was unfairly.

Merson reminded players who think they've been banned unfairly to contact the disputes team. Instead of emailing the Disputes Team, you can now fill in a webform directly on the banned or suspended accounts webpage.

While we're talking about the PUBG cheating problem and Battlefield - what about the issues with Battlefield 4's cheating? According to LevelCapGaming he sees more cheaters in Battlefield 4 than in PUBG. That being said, it is fair to expect DICE to focus on Battlefield 1 and not an older game, or is it? What says those who still play Battlefield 4; is he correct that there are more cheaters in the game than in PUBG? Personally, I find it hard to believe.

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"it is not possible to be banned simply for being skilled"

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