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Man loses feeling in legs after 20-hour gaming session in China

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You know those warnings that come up at the start of almost every game that advises you to take breaks while gaming? Well, they are not there for fun at all and they are actually created after extensive research showing that you have to move your body every hour to prevent loss of circulation. Now, I am all for gaming for long periods of time, but I do make sure I stand up once an hour and walk around for five minutes, also my Apple Watch forces me to do it as it keeps track of my movement.

This Chinese man, on the other hand, needs to get himself one or some friends that can take him out of the chair. Gaming for long periods of time in China is nothing new and there are daily cases of heart attacks other health issues reported at internet (gaming) cafes across the country, the latest comes from Jiaxing, where a man realized that after 20 hours of non-stop gaming he could no longer feel his legs. The worst part about the whole incident is that even after the ambulance arrived and put him on the stretcher he insisted that he wanted to finish the game (according to Kotaku). I mean who needs legs when you can walk around in a game right? 

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In a video over on Pear, paramedics can be seen carrying him away after putting him on the stretcher. Who knows if his legs will regain mobility but this hopefully is a lesson he will remember forever. Gaming marathons are nothing new but you have to keep yourself moving at least every hour or so. Even in our sleep we naturally move around as our bodies know when it is time to flip. A human being cannot naturally sit for 20 hours without moving and if you do this then be prepared for some nasty health issues.

What has been the longest you have gone in a gaming marathon? Let us know in the comments below. 

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