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Valve says that they are still making games

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Half-Life 3 confirmed!

Just kidding…but something interesting did happen on Facebook recently. The official Facebook account for Valve Software Corporation woke up and said a short but sweet “We're also still making games” in a post. That’s it, but that’s enough to get some fans uncontrollably hyped for whatever Valve is working on.

Valve has some amazing franchises, like Half-Life, Portal, Left for Dead and Team Fortress, that another one of those games would probably make the internet explode and win GOTY awards left and right if one gets released. Valve didn’t provide any more details, but all we can hope for is that Gabe “GabeN” Newell has finally learned to count to three.

The cynic in me thinks that Valve might just be talking about their Card Game, Artifact, which is based in the Dota universe and one that fans were not happy about at all when it was revealed at The International 2017's  Main Event.

Thinking optimistically, maybe one of the sequels fans have been begging Valve for will finally be revealed at some point in 2018, but currently, we simply have no clue what Valve might be creating. It could, of course, be a completely new IP or Valve might simply just be talking about Artifact. However, it is important to note that they said “making games” not cosmetic items, so at least there’s that.

Which games do you think Valve might be working on and do you think we will ever see the third game in a Valve franchise? Let us know in the comment section below.

ICYMI: Check out the teaser trailer for Artifact below. Sure, it might not be the game you’ve been hoping for, but it is still a game from Valve.

Source: Facebook

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