All future Xbox One exclusives will come to Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

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If you are waiting for those whole three exclusives to release this year for your Xbox One then we have some good news. Microsoft has announced that from today onwards, all future Xbox One exclusives that release on the console will be added to Xbox Game Pass on launch day and all subscribers will be able to play them without paying anything extra. 

Think of it like Netflix. When a Netflix Original show releases it is added to the program and you can watch it as many times as you want without paying anything extra at all. You are not limited to how many times you watch it or how many episodes you can watch, it is like you own that show and it is part of your library of entertainment. The same can be said for Xbox Game Pass, which is a subscription-based service that sees user pay R159 a month for access to over 100 games.

Now if you are subscribed to the Game Pass then you will not need to fork out any money for Xbox One exclusives on launch day as you will get them free of charge. Obviously, you will need to always stay subscribed to the service and if you don't then you won't be able to play them, but then there is always an option to buy the full game as your progress from the Xbox Game Pass version will carry over to the retail copy. 

The first game to make use of this new initiative will be Sea of Thieves that is launching on 20 March 2018. All subscribers will be able to play the game on day one without paying anything extra. Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 will also offer the same experience. As long as you stay a subscriber, you will be able to play the games. 

Microsoft also announced that there will be a new 6-month plan releasing soon that will give users more options to becoming part of the service. While we don't have local pricing for that at the moment, it will set the US gamers back $60. There is no word yet if these games will support Play Anywhere, meaning that you can get them as part of the Xbox Game Pass and then play them on PC as you would any other Xbox exclusive game. 

The only drawback from this is that it is restricted to Xbox exclusives only and we know they are looking a bit dull in my opinion. With only three games confirmed for 2018, you need to decide if you would pay full price or "rent" the games through Xbox Game Pass and then simply cancel your subscription when you have clocked them. 

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