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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition upgrade price was a mistake

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On Monday, we talked about the newly announced Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, which will be the definitive Final Fantasy XV experience for console owners. The Royal Edition comes with all the content of the Season Pass, as well as a tonne of new things, including a First-Person Mode, new gear, bosses and even a dungeon.

The original Press Release by Square Enix noted that PS4 and Xbox One players who own the original game will be able to upgrade to the Royal Edition for $19.99, which is just under R250 at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate. It seems that the upgrade price was a mistake.

As reported by DualShockers, Square Enix reached out to them, clarifying that the price point mentioned was “listed erroneously”. So, what is the actual upgrade price? At the time of writing, it is not clear, as Square Enix reportedly noted that the “actual final price remains undetermined”.

Even at the $19.99 price point for the upgrade, it isn’t that much (since you get all the Season Pass content), but cheaper is always better right? Let’s hope it is, in fact, cheaper, instead of more expensive. Another thing that still needs clarification is how much it will cost the same for Season Pass owners to upgrade. The Royal Edition content isn’t part of the Season Pass, so those who bought the Season Pass probably won’t be happy to pay even more for the definitive experience.

Hopefully, Square Enix will make the Royal Edition content free for Season Pass owners, or make the upgrade cost next-to-nothing. Let’s face it, when you purchase a game and it’s Season Pass, you expect all content released to be available to you.

The Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will be available to purchase on PS4 and Xbox One come 6 March 2018. Let’s hope that the price point for the upgrade will be lower than first announced.

ICYMI: Check out the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition reveal trailer below and then tell us what you would be willing to spend on the upgrade in the comment section.

Source: DualShockers

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