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120 PUBG cheat creators have reportedly been arrested in China

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As a game’s community grows, so does those who create cheats for it, or those who want to cheat. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is immensely popular, which of course means that creating cheats for it could be a profitable business for some shady characters. We all know that PUBG has a cheating problem and recently, Bluehole announced a new way to report cheaters.

Keep in mind that the anti-cheat system, BattlEye, revealed that 1,500,000 cheaters have been banned so far, but still the problem persists. So how does one stop this cheating problem? Well, one of the best ways is to pull it out by the roots and shut down those who design the cheats in the first place.

According to a Bloomberg report, Tencent and the Chinese police are doing just that:

Ahead of its official debut this year, the biggest gaming company on the planet has enlisted Chinese police to root out the underground rings that make and sell cheat software. It’s helped law enforcement agents uncover at least 30 cases and arrest 120 people suspected of designing programs that confer unfair advantages from X-Ray vision (see-through walls) to auto-targeting (uncannily accurate snipers). Those convicted in the past have done jail time.” – Source

Even with these arrests, the cheating problem still persists, but I, for one, think that it is a great step in the right direction. Why is the Chinese videogame publishing giant, Tencent, involved in all of this you may ask? Well, Tencent is bringing the game to China and there is also a mobile version of PUBG in the works, so there is a lot riding on cleaning PUBG up for them.

The cheating problem is massive in China as we reported last week that players demand China rather gets region locked for cheating. It remains to be seen how the fight against cheat creators will turn out because, at the moment, the game is still as a plethora of cheaters and readily available cheat programs.

What do you think about the reported arrests and have you encountered any cheaters in PUBG yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Bloomberg

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