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Awesome South African Gaming Hardware Deals

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It is the second week of January and if you were broke last week then I cannot even imagine what you are going through this week. With that being said, I will not stop tempting you with new things to buy because who needs food? Here are some of the best gaming deals we could find in SA this week. 



  • Dell 22-inch FHD LED Monitor - R1,499 (Evetech)
  • Samsung 24-inch FHD Monitor - R2,399 (Takealot Daily Deals)
  • Dell 24-inch FHD LED Monitor - R1,999 (Evetech)
  • LG 25-inch Ultra Wide FHD Monitor - R2,703 (Raru)
  • LG 34-inch 144Hz Ultra Wide HD Monitor - R9,899 (Rebeltech)
  • Dell 24-inch FHD Monitor - R1,899 (Takealot Daily Deals)
  • Samsung 27-inch Curved FHD Monitor - R4,449 (Evetech)
  • Samsung 28-inch UHD Monitor - R7,806 (Loot)


  • Atec 500W PSU - R599 (Evetech
  • Intel Core-i3 8th gen CPU - R1,899 (Evetech
  • Palit GeForce GTX 1080 8GB - R9,399 (Wootware)
  • Western Digital 1TB HDD - R649 (Evetech
  • Western Digital 250GB SSD - R1,499 (Takealot Daily Deals
  • Western Digital 120GB SSD - R799 (Evetech
  • Seagate 3TB Internal HDD - R1,549 (Takealot Daily Deals
  • Seagate 2.5" 1TB HDD - R899 (Game in-store) 



  • ASUS FX553VR Core-i5 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop - R13,199 (Takealot Daily Deals)
  • Lenovo Legion Core-i5 3.50GHz GTX 1050. 16GB DDR4 RAM - R15,299 (Evetech



Consoles and Accessories

  • Horipad Mini Blue Controller for PS4 - R519 (Takealot Daily Deals)
  • Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 Black - R1,299 (Takealot)
  • DualShock 4 Controller (Black) - R799 (MHC
  • Xbox One S 500GB + Need for Speed Payback - R3,999 (BT Games)
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - R1,009 (Raru)
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller- R899 (MHC)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + GT Sport - R5,999 (MHC
  • Farpoint + PS VR Aim Controller - R749 (Raru

Did we miss anything you have seen? let us know in the comments below.

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