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PUBG hands out apology BP to everyone, players demand China rather gets region locked for cheating


PlayerUnknown's Battleground released on PC on December 20, and it mostly went smoothly. One of the issues has been the allocation of Battle Points (the official in-game currency), which players use to purchase cosmetics via loot crates. For some reason, a lot of players didn't receive their earned Battle Points, and the dev team has now issued a formal apology, as well as compensation.

"We would first like to offer our most sincere apologies to our users who could not fully enjoy the game because BP was not given out properly, an issue which had occurred after the PC 1.0 launch, up until the Dec 27th (Wed) scheduled maintenance," explains the PUBG dev team via Steam. "We are compensating you for this loss. BP is given out to users all around the world, so it might not be received right away after clicking on the popup informing you about your BP compensation. Please be patient, you will get your compensation."

However, it looks like all PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds customers care about are getting rid of cheaters; specifically those from China.

Have a look at the comment section, for pages on end you'll almost only see "#RegionLockCHINA#RegionLockCHINA#RegionLockCHINA#RegionLockCHINA." At the time of writing the comments stretch over almost 500 pages.

The PUBG cheater problem is ruining the game for many players, and it's always a big issue for any online PC game. Earlier this week, Bluehole announced that they're implementing a new cheater-reporting feature. It's currently in testing, and if you join the test servers you get 100 000 BP and six keys for trying out the new loot crate features.

But back to the apology compensation, make sure to log into your account before Feb 9 11:59 PM UTC to claim those points.

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